BONNIE JUMPSCARE | How To Make A Fnaf Game On Scratch | Ep.11| ParsecGames -

BONNIE JUMPSCARE | How To Make A Fnaf Game On Scratch | Ep.11| ParsecGames

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In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to program the second part of Bonnie’s AI: Making him appear in your door as well as jumpscare you!

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  1. Can u do fnaf 2 after ur done with the first game pls

  2. Finally I am soooo happy you have uploaded!!! 🎉🎉😁😀

  3. Parsec you forgot the breaths they do when they are in the door and you have the camera up. your tutorials are the best thanks 🙂

  4. Did you make it that he jams your door before attacking?

  5. Bro. I haven’t seen this channel in a while.

  6. Thanks for part 11 but I did all ai by the help of your bonnie ai

  7. When ParsecGames Uploads My Reaction: Dawko Beating 50/20 mode

  8. I wanna know if he's ever gonna post this on scratch for everyone to play.

  9. Hi Parsec, i wanna let you know that im doing a FNaF 2 on Scratch and this FNaF 1 series helped a lot with making it.

  10. Hey Parsec, I saw one of the scripts. If Bonnie's at the door, Shouldnt he go in the office if you didnt close the door? And if hes in the office, the buttons shouldnt work.

  11. Hey Parsec, would it be okay if I shared my FNaF project? I would obviously give credit to you.

  12. I think the Abitur in the USA is the diploma I am also from Germany, so I'm not sure.

  13. Your tutorials are great! have now also subscribed. Great person, beautiful voice, clear pronunciation great manner! Where are you originally from, so from which country?

  14. if it starts to bug when you try to drag code into another sprite you can place the code into the backpack and then go to the sprite and place the code in there

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