BONNIE ATTACKS WITH HIS GUITAR!! - 3 FNaF Games (Final Hours 2, FNAF Unreal Engine 4, Spooky's Mod) -

BONNIE ATTACKS WITH HIS GUITAR!! – 3 FNaF Games (Final Hours 2, FNAF Unreal Engine 4, Spooky’s Mod)

Omar Sebali
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FNaF Final Hours 2 (Demo)
FNAF Unreal Engine (Demo)
Spooky’s House of Jumpscares (FNAF Mod)

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  1. Omar : Foxy help me
    Foxy*kills chica*

  2. I use to think it was FREDDY BONNY CHICA FOXY Not

  3. Anyone else get fooled by the skip button

  4. Even though I have school apirl 15 doesn't matter to having to go to school

  5. This my dad new phone and I had a turned up a little too high in a had 2 speakers on it in the 1st jump scared scared me to death!

  6. Do you like Madame she like busting your house kill you in 😂😂😂

  7. Im watching this in 2020 oh Omar I followed you on Instagram

  8. A box moved in my room and i jumped so hard

  9. When you did Freddie first I cracked up

  10. I like have you say Freddy chica bonnie foxy your messing with the wong sabal that makes me laugh


  12. What was that music playing while omar was playing fnaf final hours 2

  13. i dont get scared of fnaf jumpscares anymore cuz im so used to them cuz ive been in the fnaf fandom for like 12 years now but that first jumpscare scared the shit out of me cuz i had my sound ALL the way up

  14. Freddy Bonnie Chica foxy you are messing with the roster Valley

  15. freddy bonnie chica foxy, the last one was golden freddy, i can read backwards

  16. Element animation lover Steve Alex Bailey forever says:

    bailey sees chica*
    bailey Omar there’s your favorite person
    omar hell no

  17. It Was Cool On How He Use The SML Movie Danger Music In This Video Lol

  18. Im a big fan!!!!!! And when omar was dancing i was laughing so hard😂😂😂and u konw what is shit this game…

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