Bondee's Barnyard: Safety Violation (FNaF Fan-Game) Full Walkthrough Night 1-5 + Extras -

Bondee’s Barnyard: Safety Violation (FNaF Fan-Game) Full Walkthrough Night 1-5 + Extras

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00:00 – Hour 1
08:30 – Hour 2
15:23 – Hour 3
22:15 – Hour 4
29:01 – Hour 5 Fail
34:21 – Hour 5
43:10 – Extras


  1. г ьщтіекщ ігслдук вумудщзук

  2. that one who wrote that he suc e nothi why he so mea idmo

  3. I can’t beat the first night, how did you beat it?

  4. What happens if you miss the minigames in this game?

  5. im expecting colley's playhouse is the nest game (its news on the newspaper saying that it re-opened – 40:50)

  6. Im gonna be serious the ending made me Sad.But the music kinda slaps.

  7. Good potential but the atmosphere didn’t quite hit, and there’s not a lot of explanation:((

  8. It's a FNAF fan game so it wouldn't be a surprise if the cow was later possessed

  9. I thought it was a walkthrough without jumpscares but okay, it's difficult

  10. I wish there was a way to save the kid 🙁

  11. fun fact: the newspaper below says "Hello everybody my name is Mark Fischbach (markiplier's real name) welcome to…."

  12. Who ever made this fan games needs like so much money since the put effort on this ❤😊

  13. Ah playing as a night guard in a animatronic themed restaurant with killer animatronics. Not so original, but I guess it’s worth a – Wait a minute, you play as a child and the night guard is the enemy this time? Well that’s interesting.

  14. Secret ending
    Something must happen if you do a that whole night in the extras menu

  15. 22:06 ik I shouldn't have laughed at this but I can't hold myself man I'm. a psycho

  16. Simple mechanics, but the atmosphere gets more intense with every night

  17. It's funny the security gaurd is having his own concern for survival from the animatronics, unknowing there was a child trapped in one of them. And, unfortunately for the kid, it has be the animatronic that has to be shocked to reset it.

  18. Is it just me, or do the cutscenes somewhat retell a story in which the child you play as goes to Bondee's for their birthday, accidentally sets Bondee aflame, and then goes into hiding as the animatronics aside from Kou register the child as a threat due to the incident?

  19. I just NOW realized the subtitle of "Safety Violation" is a reference to FNaF: Security Breach

  20. Man I like how the system is trying to help us by saying that you're watched, if animatronics run to you, and even show u how much breath u got. And even allow for manual doors.

  21. "What… about a child?"

    Hand sanitizer dispenser noises

  22. Maybe theres a secret ending where you live by some means.

  23. This game is alright I do love gameplay, animatronics and jumpscares but the ending sux
    making though a night for nothing.

  24. I actually did this without breathing untill he opened the cows mouth

  25. Riddle 1 (possible): you are somewhere where your not meant to be. I guess you’ll have to settle for the company of me. If the camera sees grise up, say cheese. Don’t let them put you on your knees.
    Riddle 2 (possible): when the clock strikes 2 one threat becomes becomes a crew, just make sure you check the right door, otherwise you might not be prepared for what’s in store.
    Riddle 3 (possible): when the clock turns 3 there might just be, another friend whose goal is your end. A door won’t put up a proper fight. To fend this guy off you must use the light.
    Riddle 4 (possible): you should exactly know what’s in stock, now and it’s 4 o’ clock.
    Riddle 5 (possible): (to hard to understand)

  26. So it’s like the cow is trying to protect that kid inside of him so He won’t get himself killed

  27. So, could someone explain how each of the animatronics work please? Its kind of hard to tell after hour 4…

  28. I just love the story, its so simple and makes so much sense for animatronics, spoliers! A kid goes to bondee's Bonnard and Acidenntly Sets bondee on fire which makes all the animatronics See the child as a threat (except kou) and try to attack, the child tries to run and hide but ends up in kou trying to help the child because thats its programming, the child ends up staying in there till six where all the animatronics reset and the doors close making the child suficate to death, and again what a great story! My Favorit part about it is how the animatronics act, it would make sense because of their programming

  29. Y'know what if the ending is actually fake? Yes it said that the kid inside kou got suffocated in the journal after 5 am, but what if that really never happened? Maybe the imagination of the child inside the animatronic? And the custom night was really canon (maybe it rly is but idk) and the good ending is that he actually escaped and got rescued?

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  31. This fangame looks like it was made in 2017 and I love it

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