Beating the Scary FNAF game WITHOUT RUNNING -

Beating the Scary FNAF game WITHOUT RUNNING

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And so the fan game challenge runs begin 🙂

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  1. The first one reminds me of ch.1 if poppy playtime batteries

  2. About orange, my theory is that it does exist, but brown and the skin color do not. They are just darker and lighter shades of orange

  3. "joy of creation jumpless when"
    – Raizone_, 2022

  4. I absolutely LOVE Ignited Bonnie's devastating right hook because it's so goofy.
    Fun video! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  5. perfect, now beat the Story mode without running

  6. Top 5 favorite Spiff noises:
    Ad ova
    Key clicking on mic
    pizzabot ticking

  7. I laugh every time someone says "yiff" on the chat xD

  8. i love watching your content, and i await each and every video you upload.
    been here since your early SB videos, keep up the amazing work!

  9. I swear your luck goes up 100x the moment you do a gamble

  10. Oh no a killer animatronic slowly stroll away to not stress the legs. we have a marathon to run tomorrow!

  11. No way…I thought everyone forgot about such a thing as TJOC: Reborn.
    I honestly think it is a great version aside from it's final one.

  12. I feel like spiff keeps playing more games making more challenges and will never run out of ideas but will run out of time to do them all

  13. For me “I successfully avenged past David” was just woah what the fuck you have a name???

  14. I wonder if Spiff will ever upgrade from his HyperX mic

  15. When one guy makes better fnaf free roam then big team

  16. Hard to want to watch it play anything JOC because of what the creator is like.
    Regardless though, it’s a pretty nice game even if the guy who lead it is awful.

  17. “Next is Chica”
    >10 minutes left in video
    I laughed.

  18. "fnaf" and "scary" is something that should never be in the same sentence.

  19. Yo when are you going to do the Springtrap level without running (it's in TJOC: Halloween Edition)

  20. New title tjocr but you have the stamina of case 2 animatronics

  21. foxy moves but not fast so no light only bc white eyes damn bro even slowly he gets me

  22. The FNAF 6 ending music at the beginning was so good

  23. Why Foxy screams sounds like Tyler1 scream? XD
    I thought you edited the scream

  24. Wait, I have an idea for a challenge, no Flashlight. Can’t see, but can sprint

  25. Love how Bonnie just fucking decks your shit.

  26. I was ordering pizza while watching this, very convincing advertisement

  27. im gonna be honest i thought the thumbnail was a lego figure

  28. The fucking screams are too much for me, they're so hilarious. They sound like bass-boosted chimp screams.

  29. the animatronics wondering why theres some strange man strolling around their territory

  30. I like how he called it "the scare fnaf fame" instead of "the joy of creation" i guess people dobt read the title of a game very often huh? Because people search up "scary fnaf game" instead if the actual name, so he gets more views, wich means more money, very vlever bud

  31. But with chica, why didn’t you use the pictures as landmarks?

  32. foxy sounds like tyler1 screaming

  33. Running actually alerts the demons to your presence if you’re close enough

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