Beating the Scary FNAF game WITHOUT RUNNING -

Beating the Scary FNAF game WITHOUT RUNNING

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And so the fan game challenge runs begin 🙂

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  1. Now that Nikson’s confirmed the areas will be randomly generated in the Ignited Collection, this just got freakishly hellish to try.

  2. I miss the old days of YouTube where people would put a list of jump scares.

  3. You have avenged no beard spiff beating a slender like level with no sprint

  4. TJoC is one of the scariest FNAF game ever, until today. It's honestly wonderful

  5. when you messed with the settings, every time you look at anything with the flashlight i die

  6. Spiff: "I'm gonna make it brighter for you guys so you guys can see shit but I can't see shit"
    Me: laughs in youtube

  7. i like how bonnie screams at you then gives you a right hook to the HONKER

  8. Yo, this was actually such a cool challenge! Being a speedrunner, I gotta try and speedrun this (or maybe speedwalk is more appropriate here lol)

  9. The campaign was so terrifying at times because the animatronics behavior would be very random and jump scares are mostly unexpected.

    On free roam the fear is not the same because animatronics are easy to hear and it’s more about the fear of losing before collecting all items than being jumpscared like in the campaign.

  10. It's actually Bonnie's right hook since, you know

  11. 11:04 he now not even scare his body full of angry like doom slayer.

  12. AstralSpiff: Man this Poster looks so authentic and real!
    Foxy be like: Yar Har Har take this Hook to the face.

  13. Always felt that the time limit made the game boring. I always loved the immersive ambience made it a truly horrifying game but your forced to get out ASAP

  14. Spiff's vids helped me develop a tolerance towards jumspcares

  15. Spiff's vids helped me develop a tolerance towards jumspcares

  16. Ignited Foxy jumpscare sounds like tyler1 throwing a tantrum

  17. I think that if you could change the time limit, or maybe make it where there isn’t one and it’s actually just like the og slender man games, the game would be 10000x better and isn’t just a rng race

  18. When the woman's lair is the hardst to get out of

  19. Ya know what I love about TJOC you can hear the animatronics sprinting at you before the jump scare which is either a soft warning so the scare doesn't seem cheap, or it makes you panic even worse

  20. I love the lore that Settlers of Catan ruined the colour orange for you XD

  21. I like how removing the shift key doesn’t do anything he can still click the button underneath the key

  22. Orange is the neighbors kid of colors

  23. I used to play a game where whenever you got to a page it would spawn slendermen and you can run or shoot them with a shotgun or pistol, I think it was called kill slenderman or something like that

  24. Bonnie's jumpscare is a straight haymaker and it will never be not hilarious

  25. brown is a darker shade of orange

  26. Why does the connection terminated music from FNAF 6 make everything so much more serious than it actually is.

  27. where can i download this? can 't find it

  28. I what cut were it's Bonnies punch then cut to the scene from COD:MW were price punches you down stairs

  29. I fell asleep watching videos (as Lobsters do) and I wake up to a poorly drawn map. in my Lobster confusion, I just start to laugh

  30. mfs calling this a run in the chat… nah this is a walk

  31. this seems borderline impossible, yet spiff always finds a way to beat it. keep it up 👍

  32. Wish map bot was there to guide you through the chicken forest.

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