ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? | Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Part 1 -

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? | Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 – Part 1

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 has arrived and it might just be the SCARIEST GAME EVER!!
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  1. This game was amazing but missed a chance to make the alarm clock say ‘1983’ as an Easter egg because that’s the year that the game was set / the year crying child died

  2. i remember when his first fnaf video was 4 years ago now this one is 7 years ago

  3. We watching mark mess up a fnaf tutorial and die again

  4. Mark: The First Night İs….
    Chica:Bla Bla Bla

  5. heart going usually like: “—/—/—/—/—/—/—/“
    my heart when playing fnaf 4: “/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/“

    if you don’t get it
    / = heart beat
    – = a pause

  6. Jan 3 2023 and still watching these videos

  7. Mark: the final chapter
    Scott: I'm about to continue this man's whole career


  9. Mark: You’re supposed to keep me safe Freddy!
    Scott: Write that down WRITE THAT DOWN

  10. Mark literally wearing the same shirt as Evan afton

  11. Who else watching in 2023:)
    Good job you survived for this long:)

  12. Does anyone else miss watching markiplier play fnaf?

  13. rewatching this and remembering just how sad Evans life was 🙁 poor boy deserves so much better…

  14. I am the only person wondering how haunted robots are BREATHING i know the plot of dead children and all but its still wierd bc they’re dead

  15. The breathing is just Scott eating his mic.

  16. Mark: this is the last fnaf game

    2023: playlist 29/105

  17. Isn't the lore behind this, is Evan, I believe his name is in the room. Is being watched by William to make sure Evan doesn't go to Baby. So he's monitoring through the golden freddy teddy via camera eyes and is essentially scaring him to keep him away. But Evan ends up being attached to golden freddys suit as he says I'll put you back together at the end of the game. After nightmare is there, when Evan gets eaten by fredbear? At the end of his coma, nightmare is there, the final night where Evan is attached to golden freddys suit?!

  18. Anyone else get a mini heart attack when Bonnie jumpscared him

  19. So the first night is actually not that bad- ÆÆÆÆÆ

  20. Mark's final words: The fist night isn't that bad so I'm just gon-
    gets jumpscared by chica

  21. just want to add who has a room in between two hallways with two exits? like what…

  22. So this is the final chapter of the main "5 kids murdered" story

  23. Monsters i know
    Nightmare freddy
    Nightmare bonnie
    Nightmare chica
    Nightmare foxy

  24. Mark half of the fnaf series: THATS NOT FAIR!!!

  25. I forgot how much more suspenseful this game is than the others…..

  26. I always love doing fnaf marathon when he plays it’s funny

  27. Bro the intro my soul left my body for a second

  28. I love the way he reacts after the jumpscare, “AHH FUCK”

  29. Good grief, this video is 7 years old. I remember when this game came out!

  30. I used to think “oh this is cool!” Then now I’m like.

    “WhAt kind of room has 2 doors on each sides? 😂

  31. The is so scary 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 💊

  32. The best thing about the game by far isn’t the lore, or the gameplay… it’s watching Mark freak out every five seconds ❤❤❤

  33. I never understood the lord of this game

  34. Nightmare Sonic (Hello leave glad you’ve come back after all these years so déjà vu well you thought you were clever trying to hide here when we tracked you down with the help of our golden friend let’s catch to the chase shall we you are back here trying to hide from us your back doing the same job in the same exact place you may think you’re going to escape again but I’ll have you know doing things a little different this time Siri keep the doors shut and try and hide will find you there’s no doubt about that all you have is a flashlight like that will help we nearly cost to you and your older door strategies over Gyros image summertime for revenge you may think you’re gonna win But you know what I say gotta go fast

  35. for some reson my subtitles keep showin germen so when he says no its just NIEN

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