Another Bad FNaF Game? #roblox #fnaf #shorts -

Another Bad FNaF Game? #roblox #fnaf #shorts

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Game : “The Beginning Of Fazbear Ent” ON ROBLOX!

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#shorts #fnaf #roblox


  1. not bad… but it's just a Roleplay (if you're wondering) for me, FNAF Coop is the best final game on Roblox

  2. Dam i just play it but i didnt find the pit boinne

  3. I mean archived nights takes 100 to 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. But okay!

  4. Fnaf Coop and forgotten memories are better

  5. bro i am about to play fredbear and friends 5, and btw that game is amazing

  6. Bro I’ve never played TBOFE but FAF5 was the best

  7. The ones that play the real Fnaf Games 🗿🍷

  8. Bruh i cant get in it keeps sending me to my home page bruh you are right it sucks

  9. How to get ITP Springsloock go to freddy fazbear and find a shop and go in if you see rambiow ball touch the rambiow ball this how to get ITP Springsloock

  10. So guys ı wanna tell. You an fnaf game on roblox but I don't remember it's name (sorry) so guys the game is similar to fnaf 1 but has puppet in it you have to check camares but the box will be in your office there's 3 places you have to fix ıf you dont you can die you can get out off the office but animatronics is In those places you can go ın the vent to hide from the animatronics. But ıf you stay In the vent for too long golden freddy can kill you ın the vent goodbye

  11. The image w in to the pit spring Bonnie is “fredbear and friends 5”

  12. For me the best rolplay fnaf is archived night 😊❤

  13. The Beginning Of Fazbear Ent… I played it when it was first created…

  14. I want to play this but its lagging 😔😭

  15. The best part for me before I quit were the Halloween event 2020 or 2021 I think that one rabbit dude I forgot his name

  16. Th beginning of fazbear ent thanks other comment😊



  19. I once played a fnaf game on roblox years ago. Its now dead. I think it was called Freddy Fazbears Roleplay V2 i think.

  20. For people who don't know this roblox game held the event where fractured franchise was released/announced

  21. Bro this game is far from bad the events are super interactive especially the Easter and Halloween events with benny absolutely legendary

  22. i don't know why did people stop playing TBOFE

  23. I remember when it was popular but for now it’s just a ghost town sometimes

  24. Yes, another boring rp game. Same shit as ever

  25. Does anyone remember the fetch event the character looked so good (if that's the same game bad memory sorry)

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