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Welcome to FNAF JR’s, a brand new and frankly terrifying FNAF Fan-game. Enjoy.

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  1. When Ryan is able to put a smile on my face, not even a second into the video 👏 He truly always makes me feel so much better, and gets me through my darkest days. Thanks for being there for me, Ryan 💜

  2. Dude, one day I hope to record with you. I’ll work hard until it’s possible 👍

  3. As soon as I heard the devil may cry menu sound effect I saw hope, PLEASE RYAN. let's play dmc5 special edition

  4. I'm getting deja vu i swear I saw this EXACT video in my dreams..

  5. Now I'm sorta getting more interested! I wanna see more of this story!

  6. Every time I look at that cartoony Freddy Fazbear, I think:


  7. ryan with that dark souls mentality, patience is the key to mastering alot of these games

  8. It been a while watching you 8-BR I do enjoy when you play horror game especially fnaf, continue the good content mate.

  9. It’s weird how people say that the game doesn’t tell you during gameplay but it explains the basic info when people do the tutorial

  10. this game could really work as a multiplayer party game
    sorta like spy party or act natural where one of them is trying to discover the others
    where like only 1 night gaurd and like at most 3 ghosts (possibly more added animatronics in multiplayer games)

  11. Ryan on the basics: okay okay if handprints appear when they leave their haunted
    Ryan on night 2: WHAT DOES HANDPRINTS MEAN!?!?!

  12. Can someone let me know what controversies there is surrounding this game and it's developers

  13. Did ryan just use a Devil May Cry sound effect???

  14. All the animatronics look like the chad meme versions of themselves

  15. Ok, now we have definitive proof Ryan is British. "Chewsday"

  16. It's amazing how graphically impressive and well polished a fan game is compared to the most recent official release of a FNaF game.

  17. "How to make nightmares" well i'd dream about it XD

  18. First
    Fnaf 1
    Then 2
    Sister location
    Pizzeria simulator
    Fnaf help wanted
    Fnaf security breach
    5 nights at Jr’s
    What’s next!
    5 nights at foxy’s
    5 nights at chika’s
    5 nights at Roxy’s
    5 nights at Bonnie’s
    What’s next!
    What’s the next character?
    Diamond Freddy?
    Emerald Freddy?
    Iron Freddy?
    What’s the next character
    When does it end? 😂

  19. I used to have a 3ds 2ds Nintendo switch lite

    I raged and broke them 😂
    Oops 😅

  20. The style of this game can be summed up in 6 words

    Rob Zombie's

  21. Drinking game!
    Take a shot everytime Ryan says
    "I don't get it"

  22. You will get an answer back Ryan here's my answer good

  23. when he did not know what to do it was painfull to watch

  24. I've been good, been having my fair struggles for everything, content and irl stuff, how are you?

  25. I haven't watched 8bitryan in a while but the first video is saw where I heard him say sussy made me depressed

  26. wait…so is this supposed to be the jrs in that one cutscene thing where william (this time yellow) yells at michael to open the door but he doesn’t, finds that the window has been opened (or shattered i don’t remember), and then goes to jrs; an off-location, and then gets rejected by henry..? if so that’s crazy exciting omg-

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