All of FNAF RUIN’s Secret Easter Eggs Revealed -

All of FNAF RUIN’s Secret Easter Eggs Revealed

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Gregory Model, Bonnie Model, Bonnie’s Killer Model- BlackRoseSWAGZ

Gregory Model- BlackRoseSWAGZ

Mimic model- Dudebromanguyperson- (Deviantart) Mimic Model

Freddy head model- Kipo1YT- Deviantart

FNAFL_F(Twitter)- Ending Tree

MichaelO200(Twitter)- Carnival Connections

Mazontwt(Twitter)- Whitebox map

FrostormFrenzy(Twitter)- Freddy legs

Footage- Banden, The Game Archivist, Matpat, Horrorscoped

0:00 The ENDING Secrets
1:36 Gregory in RUIN
2:26 Bonnie’s Secrets
3:56 Roxy is Alive?
5:34 NEW GAME?!
7:20 Glamrock Freddy

FNAF RUIN: The Mimics ACTUAL Identity Revealed

FNAF RUIN: We Were WRONG About the Mimic

FNAF RUIN: Secrets 99% of Players Missed! (Full Easter Egg Reveal)

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8 new screenshots for Five Nights at Freddy;s Security Breach RUIN DLC were just tevealed during Dawko’s charity livestream. In this video we take a look at each and every one and break them down with a quick analysis. Escape RUIN ECLIPSE Security Breach DLC GAMEPLAY With everything happening in the FNAF community surrounding the Ruin DLC, between the Mimic and Eclipse, the highly requested Choose Your Guardian DLC has been put to the side. But in this video with the help of Space Bear I will uncover how the Ruin DLC could actually be a choose your guardian DLC in disguise, where we will be working with Roxanne wolf to navigate through the destroyed pizzaplex. Did we just solve the FNAF Ruin DLC?

From mechanics and her design we will see if these changes actually mean anything when combined with the Ruin teaser we received from Steel Wool a year ago with some very important, but forgotten details. The new Security Breach: Ruin teaser has come out and seemingly revealed the plethora of Ruined Animatronics we’ll be confronting in the upcoming dlc!… But something’s… off. Let’s take a look and see why something doesn’t feel right about what should be familiar face.

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  1. freddies head is gone because its a prototype, when the staff realized it may have been to dangerous (spikes, pointing ass fingers ect.) they may have detached his head and threw his body here, and his now without safety restriction body. he just wandered all the way down. another thing is that the present is still in freddy, un-opened

  2. If I had to guess it seems like Steel Wool & Scott are trying to say the Carnival and Fredbear’s singing show are a location before Fredbear’s Family Diner. I’m spitballing though if I had to guess we’re going to see something in that direction at some point in the FNAF lore timeline.

  3. Yall here me out rq the mimic tried to kill Cassie
    I say this mostly because of the end of fnaf sb ruin if you pay close attention the speeker tunes befor cassie falls hinting at the fact that the mimic cut the wires to the elevator

  4. I am the only one you would have like to take piece of the bonny corp to repair the other animatronic.
    I would have be great.

  5. Security Breach then 🗿
    Security Breach now 🤡

  6. Bro the one with the staff bot happend to me and I was like:Um ok

  7. I know roxy is still alive just after the huge crash after the fight with the mimic not many people know this but Roxy says I- I lost after that crash then the mimic starts chasing you and I do think it is Roxy saying Cassie down the elevator after it crashed

  8. There's also a hidden art of Ignited Freddy from TJOC:R somewhere throughout the Pizzaplex, I don't know if it holds any symbolism but it's cool nonetheless.

  9. The bonnie voice thing was taken out and used for eclipse that's the exact same set of text for when he is rebooted and enters safety mode, and the circus thing is probably a reference to circus baby's diner since afton wanted to use the most advanced technology in an animatronic for entertainment.

  10. Remember all the comic pieces in the game it shows all the endings except the three-star ending

  11. what if they just put prototype cuz they couldnt find freddies head and they put prototype there because it has no head

  12. Wait what about Qxr? I saw him when Markiplier was playing, he was on that big TV when you up the stairs

  13. Shado bonnie is in ruin look at marks 1sd part and on the screen shado baNNIE IS THER!!!

  14. I figured out something they probably want you to think that Freddie is a prototype but he is probably not after that ending where he ended cuz he died by Vanny the staffords after they probably took off Freddy's head he's not a prototype

  15. 5:42 the second Fnaf help wanted is going to be in the sl location

  16. I like to think the burntrap ending is canon. all 3 glamrocks are missing their parts plus the pizza simulator location is where you have to go. not to mention you could see the blob. in the Burntrap ending the blob grabs Burntrap and drags him away. I think Scott trolled everyone with a fakeout ending. the prototype Freddy and Princess quest easter eggs were used to think that the ending was canon.

  17. The screaming could be Bonnie's dead fans protecting him.

  18. Help wanted 2 has sister location aka circus baby's pizza world it could have carnival aspects as well

  19. They fixed Bonnie's voice lines. Eclipse's lines were a mistake.

  20. I feel like I should clear this up for anyone who reads the comments. The good Vanny ending is the canon one.
    Base game: Freddy's body is wrecked in Fazer Blast.
    Ruin: Freddy's body is wrecked in Fazer Blast BUT his head is missing.
    It's because after freeing Vanny from Glitchtrap's curse, they take Freddy's head and leave.
    And Bonnie isn't in a bunch of pieces because Vanessa didn't have the chance to get his parts to revive Afton, which is also the reason why it's just Glitchtrap instead of Burntrap.
    Gregory says he has a friend, but he doesn't say who. But it's obviously Vanessa.
    I think that's all my evidence.
    James, I dunno.


  22. The lightning bolt on Prototype Freddy doesn’t stretch as far across his torso compared to the main one. Another difference between the two.

  23. Noone Talk about it but if you look at Bonnie looks like he has a chest like Freddy to

  24. the prototype freddy isnt the same as from security breach we know that because in the true ending gregory and freddy escape the fire and burntrap gets trapped by the blob so i have a theory that burn trap is the mimic

  25. That paint is found in the foxy place, if you look closely you can see that there are differnet claws and feet, i do think roxy was there, but i think there was another annimatronic chasing her, or she was perhaps chasing the other animatronic 4:05

  26. I don't think Roxy is alive I think the one that talks to u could be a prototype if Freddy has one Roxy might have one

  27. freddy got beat up in the disasemble ending and it was at fazer blast, where is freddy in the DLC?

  28. About the costume, people think its the amalgamation from other "animals" (idk the details if theyre animatronics or suits) into that one suit.

  29. I hope you know the Bonnie lines are fake because that’s just a screenshot so somebody could’ve made (Bonnie:) and taken / put Eclipses voice lines under it – the proof: common sense of anyone who isn’t fooled

  30. The breadbear ending is actually just under the cutout showen by horrorscoped or fusionzgamer

  31. I have a feeling that the Mimic is Circus Baby. The reason I think this is because that Ice-cream ending was completely random, but do you know what circus baby is famous for? Luring kids in with Ice-cream. Just like how The Mimic lured Cassie in with her Voice. That’s pretty similar! And in one of the fnaf games you find Circus Baby but with no Exoskeleton. That means you can put Circus Baby’s suit on, and also means that the Mimic could’ve been in that suit the whole entire time but couldn’t go out because the suit was gone. And this one is a tiny reason but When you encounter the Mimic, There’s a piece of white dry paint on her head! And Circus baby is one of the Only Animatronics that have white paint. Lastly there’s a part in one of the games with a Elevator Falling! Also how Cassie Almost died from an elevator falling.

  32. I think you can find freddys head in a tradh can fr

  33. I think there will be a update that adds all of this missing content

  34. Wait What if we have to put chicas beak,montys legs,freddys head and roxys eyes back to successfully defeat the mimic in the Future??

  35. Freddy’s hands are upgraded and you can make Freddy friendly again

  36. Wait help wanted two shows a carnival for a level!!! Because they showed 3 levels for help wanted two??

  37. i got a theory i think ruin glamrock freddy is the real freddy i think that something knocked off his head and his head is not controled but his body is because the real glamrock freddy wont do that but guess what when i played the other security breach thats were he fail in the first security breach and gregory not controled venessa is also not controled by glitchtrap but how also vanessa probably took his head

  38. Maybe mimic uses roxy voice at the elevator end

  39. my theory is that the lines recorded for eclipse, especially the last ones that were the same with bonnie, were originally meant to be played as if they were from bonnie, i think this because i could totally see that being bonnie's voice, and it would make complete sense for bonnie to have to "clean up" before the kids get back, especially because since hes stuck in that room he wouldnt know that the place is shut down, this would of course not have any impact on the lore, but i just think that its what might have happened during development

  40. i mean help wanted 2 has a carousel map so yeah maybe true

  41. At the End of Ruin. When the Credits Finish Rolling. You Can Hear after the elevator falls Roxy saying "Cassie?" like she Caught you AFTER the elevator.

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