All New Animatronic Designs in the FNAF Security Breach Ruin DLC trailer -

All New Animatronic Designs in the FNAF Security Breach Ruin DLC trailer

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FNAF Security Breach Ruin DLC orignal gameplay trailer

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  1. Hmm it looks like there will be scenes where you speak to animatronics…will we finally get a redemption arc for them where we actually SAVE them and not just outright try to kill them?

    Glares angrily at Gregory

  2. The fact the endo skeletons are still in good shape has me wow😮

  3. I think the thing at the end is glamrock Bonnie because he could come back from getting trashed by Monty. And that he will get a source of power from somewhere. Or just get awakened.

  4. Why do the actual animatronics looks fucked beyond belief, yet the endoskeletons look perfectly fine?

  5. I feel so bad there just completely destroyed 😢

  6. I genuinely hope we go back to 2d soon… 3D just isn’t the same.

  7. why did they do that to Roxy they full on truned Roxy In to wither bonnie

  8. This dlc is gonna make security breach a little bit scarier

  9. Los creadores del centro comercial poniéndole dientes, capacidad para razonar, un sistema hackeable, y encima tetas a sus animatronics esperando que nada salga mal

  10. It kinda looks like eclipse (sun/moon) might be good or not as blood thirsty as the others

  11. I love how chica and freddy are the only ones that barely got it hard while Roxy lost her entire face and monty well he only got his Mohawk

  12. Super😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Well, enemies look genuinely unsettling now, there's a start

  14. the new endoskeleton design looks awesome, can’t wait to see it in game

  15. Thumbnail had me thinking it was a bionical

  16. They show some from security breach but is the big dj music man there?

  17. I won't lie this actually does seem a little scary. The only scary part of regular SB is the endos.

  18. Is there a possibility that Bonnie would be in this DLC

  19. Tell me that the Ruin theme in the trailer isn’t amazing.

  20. Damm daycare man looking like burnt gingerbread cookie

  21. All of this shit would be over with if they just gave the kid a shotgun

  22. Notice how Roxy's about to jump scare her but she doesn't when Cassie holds her hand

  23. Like how Cassie trys to fight back when being killed unlike Gregory whos a pu-

  24. hopefully this dlc will be even vaguely creepy

  25. I’m ready for this I’m gonna play it on ps4

  26. Why dose it look like moondrop was gonna spare use

  27. When Cassie touched Roxy her ears went up a little bit and it looked like roxy was happy so maybe we become friends with her later in the dlc? If not she will definitely be sound based because she has no eyes I’m really exited there’s just 4 more days left for me

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