All FNaF Trailers 2014 - 2021 - FNaF 1 to FNaF Security Breach -

All FNaF Trailers 2014 – 2021 – FNaF 1 to FNaF Security Breach

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All Five Nights at Freddy’s Trailers from 2014 – 2021

I don’t own any of the videos that are shown, this is just a compilation of FNaF Trailers.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is owned by Scott Cawthon.

00:00 FNAF 1 Trailer
00:34 FNAF 2 Trailer
02:02 FNAF 3 Trailer
03:07 FNAF 4 Trailer
04:23 FNAF World Trailer
05:52 FNAF Sister Location Trailer
07:28 FNAF Pizzeria Simulator
11:10 FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Trailer
12:13 FNAF VR: Help Wanted Trailer
13:25 FNAF Security Breach Trailer 1
14:28 FNAF Security Breach Nvidia Trailer
15:18 FNAF Security Breach Trailer 2


  1. Fun fact : FNAF 6 / FNAF Simulator has the longest trailer of all

  2. Why Purple guy did that to the children 😢

  3. Definitivamente me quedo con la primera entrega del juego cuando lo jugué tenía 12

  4. How many games have there been Spence i stoped watching and playing.??..??.?

  5. town . me gustaria que hicieras un video igual pero con el nuevo trailer

  6. Y pensar que town vio todos estos trailers cuando salieron

  7. I wonder why on the second trailer of Security Breach when it shows animatronics, we can hear remix song of Ballora from Sister Location…

  8. En donde se desarrolla el fnaf security breach?

  9. Me watching this in 23:56 goes tO bathroom ah nah fuck it too scared🤣

  10. Tengo una teoría del brazo puede que sea Bonnie por qué a Bonnie no lo hemos vimos desde fnaf 2 se que casi no tiene lógica pero si ven el brazo tiene una mano robótica a lo que también la tiene Bonnie en fnaf 2 y todo el brazo después de la mano es morada . Esa es mi Teoria

  11. i love that they put Coryxkenshin in the ultimate costum night trailer

  12. They have coryxkenshin in the ultimate custom night trailer!

  13. I love the sounding in FNaF 2’s trailer

  14. No te hagas town la mayoria sabe uqe eres español

  15. I wish fnaf world was still being worked on its a nice game that I wanted to see revisited

  16. My favorite line is always gonna be "a gamble that comes with 100% chance of success in some cases"

  17. Very great soundtracks that Scott used making these trailers

  18. The music for the second tho sounds like an ad for like some sort of celebrity’s shoe with nike :/

  19. me watching the fnaf 1 trailer and all the other cause why not
    YouTube: ah yes let's play an fnaf 1 trailer as an ad

  20. for me Security Breach doesn´t have those good fnaf vibes, the game is too shiny and not acctualy scary, the other games that scott made were dark, mysterious, and that stuff, and also, that fact that you can run around, ehhhh, it will be just running simulator, i old games you had to do tactics and use brain, here you just run

  21. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 will always be the most nostalgic for me as it was the reason why I joined the fandom. I saw Withered Bonnie and thought he was a cute bunny. I was 8 years old (so in grade 4) saying “I want to be Withered Bonnie” and thinking he’s cute…
    The amount of dirty looks people gave me 👀
    I even thought FNAF 1 Bonnie was cute. 😀

  22. Remember when we all thought fnaf3 was the last game..good times

  23. Lol remember when we thought Fnaf 4 was the end

  24. 13:25 – i didnt see this trailer yet and my name is Gregory… this got me fr

  25. Sister location will always be my favorite trailer✨

  26. “He always does”
    Wait a minute, who are you???

  27. When foxy jumpscared the player in fnaf 2 trailer..

    I sweared at him just as loud as when it actually happened to me

  28. Какие прекрасные времена были😢🥀🕯️

  29. Какие прекрасные времена были😢🥀🕯️

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