All FNaF Trailers 2014 - 2021 | FNaF 1 to FNaF Security Breach (Updated) -

All FNaF Trailers 2014 – 2021 | FNaF 1 to FNaF Security Breach (Updated)

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All Five Nights at Freddy’s Trailers from 2014 – 2021

I don’t own any of the videos that are shown, this is just a compilation of FNaF Trailers.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is owned by Scott Cawthon.

00:00 FNAF 1 Trailer
00:34 FNAF 2 Trailer
02:02 FNAF 3 Trailer
03:07 FNAF 4 Trailer
04:23 FNAF World Trailer
05:52 FNAF Sister Location Trailer
07:28 FNAF Pizzeria Simulator
11:10 FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Trailer
12:13 FNAF VR: Help Wanted Trailer
13:25 FNAF Security Breach Trailer 1
14:28 FNAF Security Breach Nvidia Trailer
15:18 FNAF Security Breach Trailer 2
17:18 FNAF Security Breach Trailer 3


  1. Díganme que no soy el único que todavía el trailer de sister location le sigue pareciendo una pasada visual y sonora?(especialmente en la parte donde salen los cuatro funtimes presentando el show)

  2. ah ok y yo pensando que era de otro ytuber random XD

  3. Reliving these trailers bring back so many memories.😊😊😊❤️❤️

  4. Just a canny tuco [CTBP] [ACA] #AntiGPS2009 says:

    1:52 withered bonnie: you got games on yo phone

  5. Raúl muy buenos Tyler no los tienes no fumo instales no hasta la noche Creativity’s me bu

  6. The reason the trailers are scary is the music if you take away the music it's like not scary for some reason 😶

  7. Fnaf 4 trailer music is like horror music( probably because fnaf 4 is a nightmare

  8. I love five nights at Freddy‘s security breach Trailer the best

  9. Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego 2
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego 3
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego 4
    Świat FNAF'a
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego: Lokacja Siostrzana
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego: Symulator Pizzerii
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego: Ostateczna Kastomizacja Nocna
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego VR: Potrzebujemy Pomocy
    Pięć Nocy u Freddy'ego: Naruszenie Bezpieczeństwa

  10. I really like the music in the fnaf 2 trailer because it sounds like an action movie 🙂

  11. fnaf world trailer has to be the best trailer out there (just my opinion)

  12. the game is awesome and nice backstory that's why I like it👍👍buut the jumpscare let noot talk about it😅😅😅😬

  13. The fact that A bunny Rabbit is always the first one to be introduced is a good idea. Because we all know scott had a fear of Bonnie, so he used that to his advantage and made the game trailers more horrific. Simpler times man.

  14. Gregory really sticking his nose up that mic ain't he?

  15. In my opinion sister location trailer is my fav😌

  16. Sister location trailer is the creepiest change my mind

  17. Pensaba que era de iuli pero no era de town

  18. idk why everyone was dissing fnaf world. That game was actually super fun and such a break from the other scary fnaf games lol


  20. En Fnaf.4 me Cage pero FNAF World me gusto co Sister Location fnaf 1 2 3 pizzeria Simulator y fanf segurity breash te falto el DLC pero bueno genial video

  21. U forgot one fnaf ar but cool u got some of the og game trailers

  22. estan muy bien hechos los ojos de los animatronicos de security breach cuando se iluminan en la oscuridad

  23. WHY CUTE aren’t you supposed to be scary!!!!

  24. is nobody gonna talk about foxy still in fnaf 2 being under maintenance

  25. Así iTownGamePlay junto dos comunidades de fnaf xd

  26. You Aren’t here during the day that makes literally no sense in the Fnaf one trailer it makes no sense please tell me how it makes any sense

  27. Lol the fact bonnie has all the screen time in 1st trailer…shoulda been called five nights at Bonnie's

  28. well, like Bonnie runs fast, well, the fox and the hare run fast

  29. hola creo que ya me conoses y si no yo soy una ginichera del canal de ginichi saludos

  30. Bonnie is like 🤗😁😅😙🙂😐😶🫥🫥

  31. It’s so bizarre because it felt like a movie trailer

  32. The FNAF World trailer just twisted the theme

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