ALL FNAF Springlock Failures in Roblox -

ALL FNAF Springlock Failures in Roblox

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ALL FNAF Springlock Failures in Roblox

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  1. The spring lock sound was not from a video but yet the actual fnaf game

  2. If that happend to me I would do the same thing as william

  3. If that happend to me I would do the same thing as william

  4. I will tell you the reason why you are spinning it’s because the morph glitched out and had a uneven ground in the code that is usually the reason only one percent one percent of the time it only happens once in everybody’s career put it up on my 28 times with me wait no counting the last time I played a game that did it it’s been one month and 99 times I’ve had this glitch

  5. He seems ok Afton screaming for his life.

  6. Did willam afton say cut it out! When he died

  7. For the fnsf rp game u helped me out so much thank you 😊

  8. Do a update to the Freddy’s ultimate rp add jumpscares in the game like different jumpscares

  9. For real I know that william's head gets a metal hinge pierced through his head since I noticed when he opens his face making his death the most brutal in Fnaf

  10. The third one really worked on suffering not blood

  11. AAaaaaaaa- silence
    Vocal cords: I’m pierced

  12. Me watching these springlocks and about to get a Fnaf costume: 😳

  13. Fnafthe reaseregent in this name of the first

  14. The sound they all use is actully from the original fnaf 2

  15. Imagine not being able to scream while you are getting brutally killed

  16. Did you got to play this roblox game Afton's family diner

  17. Him: he is OK will william afton:HELP SOMBODY

  18. What is the name of the map?

  19. EPIC!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍BRO!!

  20. Gallant your all video it's so nice and cool:)

  21. Please till me what's the game call I know it fnaf but it call really please

  22. What's the next game call please till me I know it call fnaf sb but what's really call please tell me

  23. What's the next game 3 call please tell me

  24. I did a spring like a million playground before and it actually worked

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