All FNAF Games Ranked Easiest To Hardest -

All FNAF Games Ranked Easiest To Hardest

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  1. Sister location I completed on my first try without getting jumpscared so I had to start a new game to see all the jumpscared

  2. i think fnaf 6 is the easiest but fnaf 2 is th hardest because of the puppet

  3. The Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifact says:

    Fnaf 1 and fnaf 6 is hard cause there’s no trick to win

  4. Fnaf 2 is the hardest, but fnaf 1 is right behind it IMO

  5. My list
    Fnaf world jk
    Fnaf 1 easy
    Fnaf 3 normal
    Fnaf 2 hard
    Fnaf 6 very hard
    Fnaf 4 extreme
    Fnaf sl impossible
    Fnaf ucn customized

  6. For me to me. Beat fnaf4. Was hardest for me

  7. Just change the code on ur save file for Fnaf world

  8. my opnion is that fnaf 2 is the easiest and the hardesr is ucn
    cuz fnaf 2 if u get the right strategy will be ez
    like the 2 time i player fnaf 2 i passed all nights without dieng

  9. The easiest FNAF games in my opinion is FNAF 1 and FNAF 2

  10. 50/20 in ucn and golden freddy in sl is the hardest forme

  11. Easy to hard fnaf sl, fnaf 6, fnaf 3, fnaf 4, fnaf,unc,fnaf 2

  12. If phantoms could kill then fnaf 3 would be hardest

  13. Am I the only one who thinks Fnaf 6 is easy? The only thing making it hard for me is during Night 5 (I keep getting jumpscared by Lefty) Ps. If you play Fnaf 6 NEVER SALVAGE SCRAPTRAP AND SCRAP BABY (I got jumpscared by Scraptrap)

  14. I just bought sister location and i can't even get past night 2 so I completely agree with your opinion

  15. ok the real list of what ive played 5- sister location ( its easy) 4- fnaf 3 3- fnaf 1 2- fnaf 4 1- fnaf 2 (you have to stay so consistent with that music box)

  16. My list
    SUPER EASY: FNAF 6 I got to finish it in two days
    Easy: sister location Except night 4 and 2
    I don’t mind: fnaf 2 dat ish just to ez but hard
    Medium: fnaf 3 come on it’s the least scariest game
    Hard: fnaf 4
    I swear to god: Ultimate custom night
    I’m gonna throw my phone out of the window: fnaf 1

  17. I would say that fnaf 6 is easiest but that’s just for my playing style…fnaf 3 gives me creeps

  18. My list
    FNAF 3 (Very East just need to focus)
    FNAF world (Not even hard just frustrating and long
    FNAF Sister Location (Not hard only night 4 is hard)
    FNAF 4 (Mainly scary but decently hard)
    FNAF 1 (Very hard since it is highly based on RNG)
    FNAF 6 (Really hard because it’s very RNG based)
    FNAF 2 (Legit super hard and I don’t even understand why night 6 is so impossible)
    FNAF help wanted (not even a question lol)

  19. This kids is on drugs if he thinks FNaF 3 is the 7 easiest FNaF game

  20. This kid is definitely on drugs if he thinks FNaF 5 is the hardest FNaF game

  21. my list:

    1fnaf 3 : the easiest

    2fnaf 2 in VR night 1 and 2: easy

    3fnaf 1: a littlebit hard

    4 FNAF 4: I don't think its hard but its scarier than the other fnaf games

    5 Fnaf 2: OH GOD ITS TOO HARD

  22. sister location is the least scariest, but is the hardest ESPECIALLY THE 4TH NIGHT

  23. my rating of the difficulty for each game
    fnaf 1 really hard
    fnaf 2 really hard
    fnaf 3 really hard
    fnaf 4 really hard
    fnaf world hard
    fnaf sister location really hard
    fnaf pizzeria simulator really easy
    ultimate custom night really hard
    fnaf help Wanted hard
    fnaf special delivery hard

    tell me if I missed anything.

  24. My list: 6 fnaf 5
    5: fnaf 3
    4: fnaf 1
    3: fnaf 4
    2: fnaf 6
    1:fnaf 2

  25. your voice made my eardrums kill themselves

  26. Hardest is ultimate custom night if all 20/20

  27. My list: Fnaf 1: super easy.(Freddy and foxy)
    Fnaf 3: super easy.(Phantoms)
    Help wanted: easy.(Lol i don't even know what to put here)
    Fnaf 6: easy.(The ads)
    Fnaf 4: medium.(The breathing)
    Fnaf 2: medium(Easy but freaking bb)
    World: medium. (Chica's magic rainbow)
    Ar: Hard(The mechaniccccssss)
    Ultimate Custom Night:Impossible(I literally wanna throw my phone out of the window).

  28. My list

    11 ar
    10 World
    9 fnaf 1
    8 pizzeria Sim
    7 fnaf 3
    6 sl
    5 vr
    4 ucn
    3 fnaf 4
    2 Halloween
    1 fnaf 2

  29. My list:
    8. FNaF: VR (Very Easy)
    7. FNaF 3 (Pretty Easy)
    6. FNaF: SL (Easy)
    5. FNaF: Pizzeria Simulator (Normal)
    4. FNaF (Hard)
    3. FNaF 2 (Super Hard)
    2. FNaF 4 (Insane)
    1. UCN (Extreme)

    P.S i included the challenges and the halloween edition for fnaf 4

  30. Nice video! Even if it’s through a PowerPoint, it’s nice seeing people’s opinions and point of views

  31. my list of which i played
    fnaf sister location (super easy exept for blora springlock)
    fnaf 3 ( i dont understand how to get past night 2 because idk how to play but it seems easy)
    fnaf 1
    fnaf pizzaria simulator
    fnaf 4
    fnaf 2

  32. I know I’m very late but watch markipliers sister location vids you will get some better tips

  33. im on custom night on fnaf sister loction, It took me a very long time to beat night 4 like 5 moths

  34. FNAF 1:easy
    FNAF 2: very hard i hate fnaf 2 too
    FNAF 3: very easy
    FNAF 4 normal
    FNAF SL: very hard (night 4)
    FNAF 6: impossible
    FNAF WORLD: easy

  35. What No Freddy and foxy animatronic plush!??!?????!!???!!reject the Non animatronic foxy and Freddy plush become one and take over tha world!!!!!!!

  36. Mine atm:(hard-easy)
    9. FNaF 2
    8. FNaF 3
    7. FNaF
    6. FNaF 4
    5. Help Wanted
    4. Sister Location
    3. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
    2. Special Delivery
    1. Ultimate Custom Night
    0. FNaF World

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