All FNAF Games Ranked as Pizza Toppings -

All FNAF Games Ranked as Pizza Toppings

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  1. ain't now way he missed the most important fnaf games!!!!!!!!! 🤬 freddy in space 2, and furry rage I'm gonnA un subscribe!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I have to disagree with a few things here.
    First of all, mushrooms are shit, so fnaf world can be like a pineapple. Controversial, but tasty.
    Second of all, FNaF AR is ok, but I hate corn. Make fnaf ar tomato or something. I'll only have it if I have to.
    Third of all, security breach is at least something. Seeing the shit you talk about this game makes me kinda mad, but hey. What can I say, i'm just stupid and have based opinions. Based opinion incoming: Security Breach is good, it's just being overshadowed by bugs.
    Interesting take on this franchise and very creative. Keep up this stuff! 👍

  3. I showed this video to my mom. She said: "He's a grown man y' know."

  4. Of course! That’s why the Chuck E Cheese’s pizza is bad! They added too much Security Breach in it!

  5. Security Breach totally deserves to be destroyed

  6. Can you show me how to beat plush baby on hard and easy?

  7. But Gribbon!
    Fanf insecurity beach is the greatest gayme ever! It has fnaf, freddy, afton!?!
    h0w can you dislike this???
    Ur oppiniin is wring! U has no taste!
    U said the fword my mama told me that it wss bad!
    +u wasted foood.

  8. The pizza being thrown in the bin gave me massive “i don’t wanna play with you anymore” vibes

  9. Great video did not expect you to put glass as your final toping but suicide pizza it is then

  10. Woah, wasn't expecting a How To Basic styled video, and at the basement segment reminds me of the AVGN Sonic 06 episode.

    Steel Wool: Releases and makes patches for Security Breach, but still broken.
    Toby Fox: Puts time & effort into making Deltarune Chapter 2 and doesn't break like Security Breach

  11. Ahhh. Hey man did you know that security breach got another update today.

  12. I wish, He didn't break it. Why not give the game to me.

  13. The ps4 version was so broke, the fps was s**, the graphics were s**

  14. I don’t agree with your opinion about SB but still respect your opinion but can I ask question how the hell does the game look passionless steel wool clearly loved working on the game they just fucked up big time to some ppl

  15. was expecting sb to be some shit topping but somehow that mauling of the disc gave me immense satisfaction.

  16. 1:28 literally how I felt after finally beating aggressive nightmare and getting 4 stars.

  17. Your into is sick🔥 also you should make more cooking vids based on each FNaF game. Keep up the great work man!🔥❤️

  18. I dont think ive ever seen someone destroy a fnaf disk but this was very entertaining to watch
    edit: gonna play security breach soon and yes i am aware.

  19. recommendation for a fnaf fan game its called A SHADOW OVER FREDDY'S its made by PHISNOM

  20. That pizza was looking pretty good.
    Until Security Breach

  21. if you added security breach as an actual topping i would say pineapple

  22. Now that's a pizza that I would 100% love and enjoy! (Minus the destroyed security breach cd and corn)

  23. Great video Gribbon!!! Now I understand finally why you despise Security Breach so badly, and honestly, it is understandable. Because if you make a game for a console, you make to be playable, have decent framerates, etc.
    The thing is I found out the 1.04 version of the game (the one I played, you played and is on the physical copy) is not even as bad as the 1.0 version.
    Apparently Steel Wool last edited the game in May 2021 (not even kidding) and uploaded it on PS Store (though private) in November 2021. In the 1.0 version (which has 9GB) the cutscenes are not even finished, the framerate is terrible, and overall just dissapointing. If you wanna see the video with the prototype, here it is:
    I really hope Steel Wool understands how bad this hurts us overall, because I really want the next FNAF game (which I hope to be the last one, the series goes on for too long) to be something at the levels of FNAF VR when it comes to creepy factor.

  24. I thought security breach's pizza topping would be pineapples.


  25. You cutting that sb disc made me cry, cuz money.

  26. the security breach disc being so hard to break is really funny in comparison to the actual game shattering if you look at it wrong

  27. You know, I think I know a better topping to describe FNAF AR. Gold leaf. The people that can afford it might view it as enhancing FNAF, but in reality (augmented reality, heehee), It is an expensive topping that adds no flavor.

  28. I was having a mini panic attack at the sight of food ruined and wasted. The disclaimer calmed me down. Thank you.

  29. Fnaf security breach It's the pineapple on the pizza

  30. Thank AstralSpiff for bringing me here. Was a very good representation of the series.

  31. Massive L for your take on Security Breach

  32. great video! came from AstralSpiffs video really enjoyed it!

  33. The analogy with pizza is actually such a good representation of what had been happening to the franchise over the years. Like, at some point you gotta stop. Find a new "dough", go with new "toppings", or else you will end up with a nasty ass "pizza".

  34. As much as I love broken games, and love how much you can do in them that you can't do in any other game, security breach was absolutely heartbreaking to play through. Coming from a place of absolutely loving fnaf and especially its lore, this game doesn't even have a right to be called disappointing, it's so much worse than that.

  35. You purchased a video game, just to hack it to pieces like a scene from a horror movie, and put it on a pizza, which you proceed to throw in the damn bin. I understand it’s expired, and I absolutely agree with all the points you have made, ESPECIALLY about security breach, but if that isn’t a testament to this series in it’s entirety, I don’t know what is. 😂

  36. 6:50 this is how they made security breach in the first place. Just with a blank disc.

  37. I love fnaf security breach just not as a fnaf game if that makes sense. Similar sentiment to fnaf world only at least fnaf world isn't trying to be the exact same universe in the exact same timeline. If they had ditched afton, bug tested the game, made the story more horror-oriented and alienated greagory a bit more maybe i'd accept it as a fnaf game and love it as one. But it doesn't feel like fnaf to me, and part of the reason i love it is because it was so damn broken it made it funny so maybe im giving it too much credit. If you separate it from the rest of the series and ignore the first release being a nightmare of too glitches, softlocks, and getting lost, I think its ambitious (overambitious at points) and amazing, but it ruins the rest of fnaf. Personally as a pizza topping i would've made something edible and that tastes good but is objectively bad on pizza, maybe strawberry. I like strawberries but they do not belong on pizza, security breach doesn't feel like it belongs in fnaf.
    Despite my liking to it, as a fnaf fan it was very underwhelming and disappointing, part of me loved it, but the part of me that loved and cherished fnaf was upset at it. But i had already felt that fnaf shouldn't have continued after pizza sim so it might not have hit me as hard as others as i wasn't expecting it to be as good.

  38. you spend 40$ for security breach the digital version and 40$ for the physical one. You hate the game, whatever, but why did you buy the physical one when you think the game is bad. And now, instead of just sell the game, you just destroyed it. My man, you just burned 40$.

    Only if you really buyed the game and didn’t got it for free in any way of course.

  39. Can someone tell me what the theme being played at the end of the video is

  40. I kindave expected that he would just pull the pizza out of the oven before it was ready – saying SB is halfbaked lol

  41. Security Breach represented perfectly as broken

  42. I feel like he made this video just to say that he doesn’t care about fnaf anymore

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