All Fnaf Game Over Screens. [HIGH VOLUME WARNING] -

All Fnaf Game Over Screens. [HIGH VOLUME WARNING]

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  1. Game over freddy fazbear’s pizza 1 2 3 4

  2. All FNAF game over screen mobile version

  3. Also, i like how fnaf 1 shows you(?) in the suit, with the eyeballs popped out, like pg said. Also, fnaf 2 shows you in the suit, with w. freddy looking at you which is neat

  4. 0:26 FNF Pico Fnaf2 Laugh Sampling To Kawai Sprite

  5. In 3:05 i see two buttons with russians words "меню" and "ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗИТ" are u russian?

  6. The fact that this was made 8 months ago makes me happy bc fnaf fandom is still alive and the game will be here forever, even in 3000 it will be alive still.

  7. I accedentaly skipped the freddy jumpscare in fnaf 1 and made it a perfectly cut screAAA-

  8. Ну визеред Фокси вообще оборзел! Через камеру убил и не извинился!>:0

  9. Fnaf:is where your at storage as freddy that eyes are pop out
    Fnaf 2:your in freddy suit and old freddy is looking at
    Fnaf 3: only game over slide in
    Fnaf 4: red screen
    Fnaf sl: it losing connection because you died

  10. Please. Give. A motha fucken warning. Or atleast give me more time to realize I'm about to get jumpscared on the first one.

  11. Security breach uses the OG game over's sound! Feel so old man!

  12. Notice how all the games except for FNAF 4 have a game over screen where the screen goes static, it's almost like Scott was trying to tell us that the character we're playing as, Michael Afton, is a robot.

  13. The freddy jumpscare at the start got me. I almost shat myself.

  14. FNAF 1 and 2 is just extremely creative and scary at the same time being stuff into a suit that's brutal

  15. You know, that 1 and 2 screens always have scare me, but next ones have been not so much scary for me. If Scott have made to all animatronics that have killed you (one looking into you) because one of them jumpscare you, he will be look into you like w. Freddy in 2, it will have been really, really creepy.

  16. В конце ты спалился русским языком

  17. Do they stuff you in a suit for the first one

  18. Anyone agree that FNAF 1 is the most brutal one o it of all of them?

  19. WAIT if the missing children were stuffed in suits and possessed them.Does that mean we become a animtronic whenever we get a game over?

  20. The fnaf 1 and 2 (especially 2) game over screens haunt me. The way Freddy just stares at you through the suit 😣

  21. Honestly, The FNAF SL Game over screen is the best for me.

  22. I opened this video and quickly thought to myself “does this video have the jumpscares?” I went to turn my sound off but Freddy had gotten to it before me

  23. Game Over из FNaF 1 выглядит пугающе

  24. i wish they show security breach game over screen too


    А как предпоследняя игра называется

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