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Aftonbuilt is a surprisingly well made Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Game that didn’t make it into the Fanverse!

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  1. Marks editor is just the best editor ever lmao 😂 I mean he kinda just ads random stuff in ever now and again

  2. he definitly had caps lock on while he tried to get the right letter to press

  3. "Scary."
    FNaF is as scary as Amy Schumer is funny.

  4. 1:05. Is it just me, or does that look like the Tack Shooter in Bloons but with an A on it?

  5. Someone watching this is now currently working on Sir Flubbs-a-lot lol

  6. Quick question, what’s the name of the animatronic in the thumbnail ?

  7. markiplier just stuttering with different types of titles was hilarious. Good content, continue the work! 🙂

  8. Hey mark you should play a game called "visiting Fazbear's" it's a fan made game in a puppet combo type style.

  9. It said "In sight", you can only detonate it IN sight, the explosion thingy is out of sight, I know he probably knows this but it just annoys me a bit

  10. This may only be a proof of concept demo, but it's better than all of Security Breach

  11. It reminded me of that one "fake" FNAF 3 trailer where the events took place in the abandoned mall too.

  12. I'm so sad that there will never be a full game, I would 100% play it

  13. Hey is that big scoop thing from sister location??

  14. I would love to get behind that game and be apart of it

  15. If the devs ever figure out how to finish this game, I feel like it has a chance of being one of the best fnaf fan games ever right next to tjoc or fnac.

  16. cat no banana
    angy(•ˋ _ ˊ•)
    cat no banana!
    she not like the banana angy cat no banana!!

  17. did anyone else see that the van has to shifters on stick shift and one on the celom hmmmm….

  18. From what i've heard, apparently the creator CAN'T flesh this out into a full think unconnected from the FNAF franchise for whatever reason, apparently there is a whole lot of rights stuff involved and Scott kept telling them that he wouldn't give the game proper funding if it didn't meet certain criteria but it was stuff the creator didn't want to do but tried to make something that Scott would approve of that satisfied the both of them but in the end, Scott didn't agree to fund the project and the creator had already sunk so much time and resources that they couldn't do anything else with the project, not even start over from the top, or i think Scott said that due to rights and stuff, that since the concept was already sold to Scott, even though he isn't going to do anything with it, the creator can't flesh this out into anything anymore because Scott still owns the concept or something even though he won't fund it because of murchanidising issues and… It's really just a whole thing, if i am being honest, i don't remember all of it and i am not saying anything about anyone in particular, but it's kind of a bit of a messed up situation and now this game is frsutratingly stuck in limbo forever.

  19. "All the kids LOVE Laftoni baloni!" *scratches beard*

  20. someone has to make sir flubs a lot fun fair games rn

  21. Love this Mark! Keep up your amazing content!

  22. Love how Mark was motivating people to make horror games ( in a way )
    I have a few good ideas on what games would be cool and the story and characters in it
    But not a very good coder no idea how to make a half decent game 😐
    Anyway love your vids Mark keep it up 👍

  23. You know what I don't like about me

    I always watch this kind of games
    But I most of the time don't hear someone speaking it's just a kind of fast play
    And then I see one of my fav YouTubers play it
    And then I'm mad cause I already know how it Will go😑

  24. Wish the ai unbugged itself when Mark was close to it that would have been funny but it fixed itself a few secs to late XD
    Edit a little bit of refinement reskin and not ignoring the turtorial and this game could be real good

  25. Purple guy 😱😱😱😱😈😈💜💜

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