Aftonbuilt: The Fall of a FNAF Fangame -

Aftonbuilt: The Fall of a FNAF Fangame

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Learn the shocking truth behind Scott’s rejection of Aftonbuilt! Never-before-seen insights into FNAF, the Fanverse, and Scott!

The Aftonbuilt demo released earlier this week was SO impressive. Why would Scott reject such a promising game from the Five Nights at Freddy’s Fanverse? I went straight to the source to find out!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Jelatine team for making such a cool demo for us. I wish the Fanverse had worked out, but I’m incredible excited to see what these (obviously) incredibly talented individuals make in the future. Make Scott regret his decision! ;D

**The line read between 3:14 – 3:20 is a direct quote from Liam, and is not my own personal opinion. I intended to have a title there like I did for the other direct quotes, but missed it. I’ve reproduced the quote below, and a screenshot of the discord message is on my twitter:

“It was clear that the Fanverse was pretty much a merch machine. On top of having a good game, unique characters were the key to getting in.”

** I removed an inconsequential, trivial word at 4:07 at Liam’s request. They told me they were being threatened and that removing it would make them safer. It appears that this was a poor choice of words on Liam’s part. Liam had been honest with me and all the evidence corroborated their statements up until that point, and I of course believed them. Removing this one tiny word would not have a substantial impact on the video, and so I did, as a courtesy to Liam. Still, I had to explain why I did, lest people think it was cut because *I* did something wrong, which I didn’t. No one disputes the accuracy of the cut content, nor could *I* (nor would anyone, imo) get in any trouble for it.

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  1. Its sad to see the amount of people that excuse his behavior just because SB went badly.

  2. i deleted my comment and decided to restart i thought it did not make sense. so heres my actual thought.

    i still would do something like ignore the email but i don't blame them for not going through with it. i mean why not say no? its scott cawthon! and the problem with the fanverse in my opinion is that well… from what read, it does not give enough power to the fan, the point of a fangame in my opinion is that they make there own version of a spesfic kind of style and put there own spin around them. and scott does not really give that much. i know hes trying to give support too these creators and make merch and all of that but… what is better. make a fangame that you want to make, or make money and follow the creators rules. not your rules. and it ashame that the only way for fan creators to make money is to listen to its orignal creator. to be fair i might biast because not all fangames are legitmally quality… looking at you FNAC (not the remake the old one) and i believe scott did not have any attempt to make money of creators. but i believe scott could have started the fanverse a little bit more of a fan thing then a entire busniess descicion. this is a very tricky thing to comment on and honestly im not even sure if this sounds right at all. but in total. i think this could been handled way better, and money not being a main priority.

  3. Is it just me or is that just a little scummy on Scott's part?

  4. personally I hate the whole fanverse project, people should just make fangames for free and get support of patreon and similar forms of support.

  5. Let's be real, this game is better than anything Scott was able to throw together. It's really embarrassing how fan games of this franchise are significantly higher in quality than the original releases.

  6. phew after seeing this my best advice for fanverse devs is

    make your own game

  7. Fnaf fans deserve better than Scott Cawthon.

  8. this game is literally just Outlast with a Five Nights at Freddy's skin I don't really see the hype at all this is kind of average

  9. I have the feeling and opinion, that Scott has the useall issue of any CEO

    He takes to much work on his table and cant handle it accordingly…sad.

  10. 4:51 that chica design looks so cool and so does the foxy one Scott shouldn't have said no imagine the freddy and bonnie designs

  11. I feel like this should have been the security breach

  12. Scott seems like a really great guy but the way he handled this situation was abyssmal

  13. The way Scott treats creators is unacceptable no one should be working with him period he’s flaky at best and taking advantage of real projects and derailing/ deleting their work at worst if Scott wants a cash cow go make another shitty sb fnaf game that barely runs on a super computer

  14. Sorry but I prefer something original and not a sequel almost all fanverse are original and not sequels

  15. I have nothing against Scott I think he's a great guy who genuinely cares about the community but he can't handle all of this alone that was his biggest mistake it was too big for him alone he needed a team.

  16. So aftonbuilt could change some names and change the appearance of the enemies and sell it.

  17. Scott: FnaF clone with reskinned marketable animatronics? Yessir!
    Also Scott: Game with actually original mechanics, exploring cool concepts but not marketable animatronics that can be turned into cute plushies? You haven't proven yourselves yet.

  18. This all is just so detailed and deep actually, i am glad fnaf community is continuing to grow after that shocking time for everyone whrn scott retiering, also at first when i saw this video i though Scott declined the game because it was very similar to his nee idea for a new fnaf game but thats sadly probably not right, i dont know if scott is slowly getting involved in fnaf games more and more, and i would love if he does maybe he would come back at some point

  19. Renamed this video as "Afton build, the fall of theft."

  20. We need to ask Scott to take some rest, we all know he wants ultimate control for everything to be perfect but he should at least hire some other people to manage the whole FNAF genre. A single man is not enough to manage a community of hundreds of thousands maybe even a million.

  21. I have been watching some playthroughs of the game and it is so awesome. It is a shame Scott didn’t approve on this. I believe it is very messed up that people threaten the creator for his intellectual property. I find it very sad, that this game has met it‘s end. Yet if the creator of Aftonbuild needs any help, I would proudly help him. So Liam if you want free help, just answer on this comment (don’t think anyone will ever see it)

  22. Reminder that that guy didn't asked for consent from his team partners to do this interview, and iirc Scott is actually trying to sue him for violating one of their contracts.

  23. Seems like the game is very un-fnaf FNAF game

  24. I think the two main things that killed this was that FNAF shifted towards appealing to children to sell more merch and appeal to a more profitible demographic, and this game would've clearly overshadowed Security Breach if it got actual funding to staff a larger team. If only Jelatine just created their own IP with what they had when Scott was initially unresponsive. It would've been pretty funny if Jelatine appealed to the old FNAF base, that wants the horror aspect to come back, so FNAF could continue down the kid-friendly corporate facade the FNAF universe used to mock so much.

  25. Scott did very very little wrong, he had other priorities and as a result had to push them first, I think having a team would've been better for the Fanverse, yet I don't blame him for wanting to handle it himself, it's his franchise and he wants to see it in his own way

  26. So is this why the movie is taking forever? Scott takes a million years to reply to every email

  27. “Only boring games are allowed into the fanverse”

  28. I see and understand the problems that the devs had, but the demo doesnt really have to be that detailed, the concept has to be strong, but you are digging your own grave by improving more on the mechanics and the quality of the textures, never overdue your draft, because thats what a draft is

  29. Crazy how long it took Scott to think about green lighting this. Afton built is amazing but security breach at the time was going to be released

  30. As someone who aspires to create videogames like aftonbuilt, I am incredibly frustrated and upset towards Scott after this. Ambition is not something that you should evade, you should feed it and watch it grow, especially with all his income, it’s beautiful, I’d definitely have been more excited for this if i was Scott than another title for a fan game series, which just feels a little flat, no shade though!

  31. The fact that it took a year to get legal documents out doesn't surprise me very much.
    A year is a short timespan especially when it comes to development and production of games.

  32. Анастасія Гайдукова says:

    Scott was just too busy raising his damn "blueberry fields" to reply on time lmao
    (Read his retirement letter for context)

  33. I still find what happened to Aftonbulit unfair. Maybe now that Security Breach is out, the devs can pick this game up again.

  34. I think the real reason this game went down is becuase there wasn't anything worth licensing. The game is OK, but in terms of concept there is no new character story and the game wasn't that great in execution in terms of character design.

  35. Horrible Youtube Video. Nasty editing, voice over can definitely do alot of work. Overall sad to see such protential go into failure because forming a proper sentences and your segments don't match up or makes sense at all. Like a kindergarten child is telling a story and keeps backtracking.

  36. Wait so he wants a fanverse with originality?

    This is the same guy who basically took the unoriginal scary Chuck E. Cheese concept and turned it into a game lmao

  37. i know im late but deciding to cancel scott because he donated to trump is so airheaded the dude donated thousands to the trevor foundation i dont think donating to trump erases that you can support some policies without supporting them all

  38. Well you see fnaf is basically Scott’s baby and he doesn’t want it to get ruined cause even one mistake can cause the lore to go all over the place and he just doesn’t trust people that much to make a game without him making it he doesn’t want another bad game like security breach

  39. This is why I think applying to the fanverse is risky, for one, by applying to the fanverse and sharing it to Scott, it makes it technically Scott's property. And two, if you get rejected, well… It's practically done for you.
    If you really wanted to get your game going and maybe sell it, then you either have to be trusted by Scott so much, he will literally invite you to the fanverse, although unlikely it could happen. Or, if you are rich enough, you can fund it and sell it on your own, and maybe you can also sell merch too (this can only happen if you don't use Scott's copyrighted material, unless they can agree on a deal, which is unlikely).
    Also, let's not forget that practically, fanverse is for already existing big and well known fan games (except Fnaf+ but you get what I'm trying to say here). So, I don't think "applying" would really work.

  40. Personally, I think I know why this game was rejected. Nah, not because of the weeks of no emails, not because of the funding structure. I think it was rejected because the concept wasn't that's good, And Scott took so long to realize that. While yea they where given money to still work on the project. The concept and gameplay wasn't good. Also I think that if Sccot would pick another game to be a part of the fanverse I think it would be a game series that's been out for a while. Not a game that's just coming out and is being made just for the fanverse. Honestly I think it would've been for the best if sccot just asked for a final nights 1 remake or something like that. But it doesn't mean a game that's made just FOR the fanverse won't work. Take fnaf plus for example it's in the fanverse because it's a remake of a old game that sccot made. Heck, phisnom said that the only reason sccot let him make fnaf plus is because he told sccot the mistakes of fnaf, and also because it's a remake. Heck most if not all, of the games in the fanverse are remakes. POPGOES ARCADE, Remake. POPGOES EVERGREEN, Remake. TJOC Ignited collection, remake. And as for candys and flumptys, the while series was being remade/redone along with adding/making a new game. And fnaf plus, remake. If you want to get into the fanverse suggest a remake or something related to that.

  41. This just makes me lose respect for Scott.


    Markiplier is the greatest.

    EDIT 2: after my interview with Liam, I allowed them to view the video and sign off on it before release. They did. However, upon the release of this video, according to Liam, "Fanverse devs" began reaching out to them and threatening to report them to Scott for speaking with me (here is their exact statement ).

    Liam was obviously panicked, and after some back-and-forth, I agreed to remove one word from this video (4:08), as a courtesy to Liam. To be honest, it's kind-of obvious what it is and 250k viewers already saw it, but whatever – removing this one word has very little impact on the video, and if it makes Liam feel better, it's fine. However, It's incredibly messed up that these Fanverse devs would allegedly try to threaten and intimidate Liam over an intellectual property they have no ownership rights over.* If Liam is telling the truth (and I've found them to be credible and have no reason to believe they aren't), these Fanverse devs that are allegedly harassing and threatening Liam are clowns. Who the hell do they think they are? The "defenders of FNAF?l"

    Work on your games; you aren't Scott. Aftonbuilt has showed us more actual progress than most official Fanverse games have. That's reality.

    **[UPDATE]**After asking around enough, I was finally able to track down a screenshot of the alleged "legal threats" referenced above (Liam has not replied since I let them know I made the cut for them). While I of course didn't see the whole conversation, if that is indeed all there was to it, then it's definitely not a case of what I would refer to as threats.

    Nothing else Liam said was suspicious, and they had overwhelming evidence that supported their entire story. A lot of this evidence is included in the video, in the form of the pitch videos. Furthermore, no one has disputed the factual validity of Liam's claims in this video. They were credible, and this is a good example of why I worded the above so carefully

    EDIT: the response to this video has been overwhelmingly positive. I'm incredibly grateful, and I'm appreciative that people were able to empathize with Liam and the Jelatine team's situation. It sucks. However, this isn't about "Scott bad/Jelatine good". We don't need to "take sides" on every conflict or disagreement. This situation is complicated, and while I empathize with Liam and Jelatine, I also understand Scott has a ton of stuff on his plate while he manages a big franchise. It's just an unfortunate outcome; we don't need to point fingers.


    It was really cool of the dev to share this insight with us, and their frustrations are really understandable. I think we can all agree that Aftonbuilt is an incredibly impressive demo. The work speaks for itself. While it wasn't meant to be, I'm excited to see what the Aftonbuilt contributors bring us in the future! Please show them some love; nothing in this video wouldn't have been possible without them and their hard work.

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