A NEW FNAF GAME IS COMING?! | Everything You NEED to Know #shorts #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys - jetgame.pl

A NEW FNAF GAME IS COMING?! | Everything You NEED to Know #shorts #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys

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Into the Pit looks like it’s gonna be sooooo good
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  1. Im surprised the kid got the dad back considering the usual tone of endings in the series

  2. Friendly reminder that there were two missing children’s incidents! Everyone forgets abt the second 😭

  3. I know this may be nothing but with ITP Springbonnie dying from being hung is pretty similar to the FNaF world mangle screenshot where it seems she is being hung.

  4. The part where SpringBonnie becomes essentially Oswald’s dad in the story is so bizarre. I didn’t read it myself, I watched a fan comic dub of the graphic novel. SpringBonnie sleeping on the bed, and driving Oswald to School is perfection, best thing in this franchise.

    Also, this book MIGHT potentially confirm that the Classic animatronics were used for the 85 location.

  5. It's in world canon but not canon. The Dazbear Frights stories are books that are in universe written by Phone Dude from back in FNAF3. So the story is just this dude raking in money telling spooky stories about a defunked franchise he bought the rights to.

  6. I forgot this game was happening not gonna lie

  7. i cant pay attention to the actual video cuz of the background music, toads factory music is prob one of my favs from mario kart wii and the track is great

  8. I don't think the ball pit actually takes you back in time. The events don't line up perfectly, and Spring Bonnie's actions and more monstrous appearance (clearly not being just Afton in a suit) don't support the idea of time travel. Not even mentioning how everyone acts as if Spring Bonnie hasn't taken the place of the dad. Here's what I think it is, basically the ballpit is a place where a bunch of "Dark remnant" or agony is stored from the MCI and possibly even Charlie's death (explaining the sixth deceased kid in the chair). This causes whoever goes into the pit to get "possessed" by the dark remnant and allows them to see and experience, either in there head or some sort of spirit world, what caused that remnant to exist. It's called "remnant" afterall, it makes sense that it's a sort of altered memory of the original event. Spring Bonnie in this game is essentially a remnant creature like people speculate Shadow Freddy and Bonnie are. A dark warped reflection of the true monster Afton is. When the creature pulls the dad into the pit, he's actually stealing his body through a sort of possession to escape from the pit, and leaving the dad's soul in the pit. This is why nobody but the kid realizes anything is wrong because it's using the dad's body. The kid finding his dad in the pit again is him pulling the dad's soul back out from the remnant glob and into his body, kicking out the Spring Bonnie which is killed shortly after by strings from the ceiling (Possibly from the Marionette?). Is it a batshit insane theory with no backing? Yes. But it's fun, and it makes sense to me. Just thought I'd put this here because I've had it in my head and my friends aren't really into FNAF so I have nobody to ramble to.

  9. Thank you so very his is very helpful! ❤❤❤❤

  10. I'm starting feel like this game could be the answer to Midnight Motorist.

  11. Woa is this an official game or is a fangame?

  12. So is this part of the game lore or book lore?

  13. Knowing anything about this franchise, we're probably going to have like 2 questions answered and another 10 given.

  14. This game looks epic and I don’t even like the books very much

  15. Well… this game will be added to the game lore right? Slowly making the book lore collid with the games? Also… i kinda want this game to have it where theres an option to time travel after killing spring bonnie to prevent other deaths in the franchise, causing a multiverse- oh… i hope this isn't controversial for multiverse theory… its already confusing itself with it beimg Fnaf… adding multiverses would be confusing even more….

  16. I hope people dont overthink the difference between book vs game…..

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