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A Deep Dive Into FNAF’S Most INFLUENTIAL Fan Game…

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A Deep Dive Into FNAF’S Most INFLUENTIAL Fan Game…

Five Nights at Treasure Island is arguably FNAF’s most influential fan game. So in this video I do a deep dive into both “Five Nights at Treasure island” and its sequel “Oblitus Casa” to see if these two fan games are really all that good.

Game 1:

Game 2:

Music Used:
Arcadia – Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Smashing Windshields – Leon Riskin
Where Dreams Die – Leon Riskin
Thank You For Your Patience – Leon Riskin
Last Breathe – Leon Riskin
Hibernating Evil – Leon Riskin
Ennard Boss Music – Leon Riskin
Sleep No More – Leon Riskin
Sonota – Leon Riskin


  1. I can 100% see why the change the names for all the characters
    1. To avoid copyright
    2. To make they seen more scary

  2. Ok not to sound mean but inverted mickey's name is Photo negative mickey

  3. Hey I got a question from in the tunnel part how far in the tunnel do you need to be to hear the bell? Nvm

  4. If only we could just bring a shotgun to fnaf and just beat them up, what are they gonna do?

  5. Who tf is mother, is she Mother Nature, is she the replacement for the only “god” character? Lik…Read More

  6. hey im looking for someone on youtube they have stretchy limbs, a red jacket (or hoodie) and made a video on the same game u are talking about

  7. If I'm right, the one on the notepad is supposed to be ortensia, oswald's version of minnie from his old cartoons and epic mickey

  8. plaintrace you should try five nights with froggy its kinda cool! and i cant install it anymore i think its deleted too

  9. night 5 in nutshell: face you hired : me: ok

  10. Treasure island is real but in real life is called discovery island AND is on the Walt disney world map at the top right, abandoned

  11. Markiplier's thumbnails for the old treasure island game is by far one of the most terrifying things i've ever seen in my life

  12. thres a secret ending by beating to cn at max with all characters

  13. in my personal opinion, I breezed through the oblitus casa minigames by listening where the noise was coming from, I think that's a thing, I might just be dumb 😛

  14. I broke down laughing when the gulag clip came up

  15. In treasure islands remaster, There is a little thing that annoys me.. why putting down the cam sounds like a moaning woman???

  16. Fun fact treasure island is real and is off limits

  17. there is an easter egg that comes from a diffrence game called five nights at the krusty krab where squidward comes in cam 2

  18. The thing photo negative Mickey says his main frase hey wanna see my head come off on the titlescrean

  19. I'm not sure if you knew about this, but this isn't the end for Oblitus Casa, theres going to be a 2.0 update that changes a lot of the problems it had coming very soon, I'd say this October is when it releases with their mention of playtesting happening as of now

  20. Why is there an amogus in Mickey's teeth in the thumbnail

  21. Oblitus Casa recently got its 2.0 update, which fixed a hell of a lot of bugs and even redid some gameplay bits to feel a lot better.


  23. If you haven’t hurd of pastra (don’t know if there is controversy hear but) he did do a run down of this anyway but it’s nice to see other people doing content on treasure island

  24. Fun Fact
    "Oblitus Casa" is Latin for "Forgotten House", which kinda makes sense for this series because, y'know, the mascots were Abandoned by Disney.

    Get it?

  25. i knew there was another person out there that enjoyed the creepypasta challenges.

  26. If you're confused about Post-Mortem, here are mechanics:
    Mickey: Stab the doll
    Oswald: Stab the doll
    Donald: If you click on a fake mouse head, he will scream at you
    Minnie: Golden Freddy
    Goofy: Lights
    The weird thing on cam 9 named Sadie: Time limit. Stabbing the doll when nobody's around will make her leave slightly faster

  27. A rare YouTuber has spawned watch his videos! I don't find fnaf YouTubers much but I like this video! 👌🐸

  28. This probably sounds stupid but I think the Entities are dead people stuck in the bodies of the Disney Characters bc on scene 11:39 u can the the character switch between people I could be be wrong but u never know and the mother even said if u don’t even Recognise me it just make Sense

  29. Actually there is a tutorial for the second chance thing in Oblitus casa, but it only shows on Night 1 after you die

  30. The end cutscene of OC actually makes sense, mother transformed into a more vulnerable form and the sun killed her

  31. What if you're looking for that guy who was stuck in pirate caverns in the tunnel section

  32. I hate the fact that it doesn’t actually include lore from the creepy pasta. Little to nothing is to do with photo negative Mickey, who in my opinion should be the main antagonist not some rando Mickey clone named mother

  33. this game requires full activation of your frontal lobe – martincitopants

  34. "Nightmare below disney has potential to be one of the best fangames of 2023" sure it does and please cover ut now that its released 😉 heh

  35. Dude. When it started raining in mother's speech at 30:45 it started raining where I live

  36. Whoever cut that has played too much cod lol

  37. There's a new update on this game. Its the same but the tunnel gameplay is different aswell as the cutscenes and the ending is very similar to the last update

  38. Should I try to make a fan game called five nights at Ronalds? A fnaf McDonald's fan game?

  39. Sadly…

    Nightmare below disney is a troll

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