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More info about The Rock-afire Explosion in Eddie and the Misfits:


This video features quick details of 6 Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-games with realistic animatronic designs.


Rat Race game and images:
Reveal Trailer:

JR’s game and images:
Soundtrack (0:13 – 0:34): “Meeting Paulbear”
Final Trailer:
Original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator game:

The Rat Cave game and images:
Soundtrack: “Night time theme (Minigames)”

The Twisted Carnival game and images:
Soundtrack (2:08 – 2:36): “Carousel”
Soundtrack (2:38 – 2:59): Instagram
Gameplay used:

Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot game:
Images from:
Gameplay used:

Eddie and the Misfits game and images:
Additional images from:
Soundtrack: “Re-Wiring Theme” by Weshek ()

Rock-afire Explosion, Hard-luck Bears and Chuck E Cheese content:

Billy Wilbur mask (0:21 – 0:27): @bpetrov7 on Instagram
Billy Bob mask, Beach Bear and Looney Bird (1:08 – 1:14): unknown
Mitzi Mozzarella animatronic (1:18 – 1:22): @cavitysam on Instagram
Rolfe DeWolfe animatronic (1:18 – 1:22): unknown
Melted face Billy Bob (1:26 – 1:30):
Free preview by:
New Rock-afire Explosion animatronic mech (1:47 – 1:51): @klowns_r_us on Instagram
Chuck E Cheese images (1:55 – 1:59): unknown
Billy Bob Brockali animatronic (3:25 – 3:30): unknown
Dook LaRue animatronic (3:30 – 3:36): @therealsullyg on Instagram
Mitzi Mozzarella promotional photo (3:30 – 3:36):

The Rock-afire Explosion and The Hard-luck Bears are owned by Aaron Fechter and Creative Engineering Inc.
Five Nights at Freddy’s original series created by Scott Cawthon.
No copyright infringement is intended.



  1. Text error:
    “Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot was released a few ears ago.” 👂 👂 👂

  2. When Fredbear and Friends:left to rot was ears ago

  3. 0:05 after seeing discord so many times…. I FINALLY FOUND CONCORD!

  4. If anybody makes a FNaF fan game with realistic animatronics and graphics. I love it! I love it immediately! Its a part of me.

  5. And number 0 five nights at Chuck e cheese rebooted by radiance team

  6. Fun fact: unless you can read really good the 6 FNAF translates to FNAF 6

  7. So, now i'll have goddamn realistic nightmares, good.

  8. I can't wait for JR's!!!! It just looks so detailed and well made.

  9. Am I the only one who saw that he spelled years as ears on 5

  10. Yes fredbears and friends was released a few EARS ago yes

  11. Finally something that horrified me on yt

  12. Actually People won’t agree with me but… Some of the Eddie and the misfits drawings are looking sus with the abs..

  13. Despues tantos diseños de furros basura que apenas asustan a un niño de 3 años en """""FnaF""""": Security Breach, FnaF 2 y Sistera Location, al fin tenemos estas joyitas de diseños realistas y coherentes con la vida real que captan la verdadera escencia de FnaF, el terror y la automatanofobia

  14. e_e I think Jr's is the scariest. Those things look demonic with those too-wide, Joker smiles…

  15. I have 0% intention of ever playing any of these, yet I clicked this video. Odd

  16. I love number 5, my jaw literally dropped at the details and they way they were modeled

  17. At 1:44 that look like one YouTube video from Erin factor (witch is the owner of the rock afire band) unloaded the wolf pack 5

  18. The Fazbear Funhhouse is a fantastic one that's currently in development! Also, Faz-Anim is perfect for this list because it takes the original models and edits them to be programable, with movements based on Rockafire characters!

  19. I think we need to add five night at chuck e cheese rebooted

  20. this is a best fan game fnaf ever!!!!!!!

  21. I ain't gonna lie but jr's looks like it can rival the ignited fan game and my even surpass it

  22. 1:05 That's scarier then any FNAF game simply because it looks dead real. And a completely real animatronic being THAT close just looking at you is the biggest nope out, especially because it's not supposed to be there and likely wasn't there 30 seconds ago. Resells what FNAF was supposed to be originally so well.

  23. There ain't no way IN HELL am I ever gonna set a foot into chuck e cheese

  24. I'm pretty sure Eddie and the misfits, the band in the game, are reskinned showbiz animatronics since alot of reskins of the band exist and also judging by the fact that they also have a Billy bob latex mask and a loony bird

  25. Who are you guys takeing to fnaf
    A. The bois
    B. A gun
    C. Iron bat

    Or D. Goku😈

  26. Yes, I also remember a few games that were released a few ears ago

  27. Holy Sheet if Jr's was "CLOSED 4 GOOD" i dont wanna know the reason

    Also that remembers me to "ABANDONED BY GOD"

  28. Lord, if they ever learn how to make VR games I am so in!

  29. I really loved the editing here, especially how you brightened some of the screenshots and the other pics you took for comparaison!

  30. Yep, regular and real animatronics would scare the sh*t out of me better tan fnaf

  31. ive never played any fnaf or fnaf fan games, but ive watched quite a few videos on them. honestly the best looking fan game ive seen so far has to be the joy of creation, i think its free too if i remember

  32. 2:43 I thought it was released a few years ago but now I know it was released a few ears ago

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