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5 Upcoming FNAF Fan Games #shorts

Maux Hearian
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FNAF Fan games are getting great and I am so hyped for these 5 new and upcoming ones! #shorts

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  1. we have all those games out right now except for FNAF Plus we're still waiting for it

  2. Eddie is playing JRs now 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Im surprised that T&t (The lego video game devs) havent made a Lego fnaf

  4. Part of me wished Lego fnaf resembled the Lego movie more so than the Lego Tt games. With a proper brickbuilt interpretation of the office instead of just having stylized Lego plushies and buttons ect

  5. fnaf + more than 5 years lates is still in develpment

  6. If they delete the new fnaf..ill be happy. That new one sucks

  7. Him golden bonnie me do you mean spring bonnie but laughing so hard

  8. Deactivated Account, too much ish posted here says:

    Jr's is the only Game that looks promising. The others just seem super boring and sucked dry. Nothing new and creative.

    Jr's is btw out already.

  9. The most exciting thing about this video is the Lego FNAF

  10. jr's is out. I've seen Eddievr play it. pretty scary but I must say the way they made balloon boy is fascinating.

  11. JR's has been out for a couple days and my video on it goes in about 10 hours 👌🏽

  12. "Golden bonnie"
    Fnaf fans and me : *triggered*

  13. I get this is about FNAF, but I got a nostalgia blast from the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon music.

  14. bruhh FNAF AR wass soo cool but develeper moved on bruhhh

  15. Fun fact: welcome to Freddy's character design (idk really if the story and gameplay is different) seems to be based on one YouTube vid about the animatronics from the game, it was uploaded some years ago, if im able to find it i'll put a link to it

    Edit: found it! Here is it https://youtu.be/tMs8I9u723c

  16. lego fnaf?!
    when is it gonna get released?!

  17. I know this was recorded a little while ago but five nights at Freddy‘s juniors is already out

  18. Got to love that 4 out of five are reboot games for a game that got a full vr repoot a few years ago.

  19. do not play lego fnaf at all, unless you love trojan viruses of course

  20. obsessed with lego fnaf. what is this

  21. FNAF+ is not a fan game you know? Socut Cotherin approved it

  22. I love how Bonnie pushes foxy in to next week

  23. Just a bunch of rinse and repeat. Jr's was fine, but everything else is just the same old shit, nothing to get excited about.

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