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5 FNAF Fan Games

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It’s a MEGA EPISODE of Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Games! This includes Final Nights 4, Dayshift at Freddy’s 2, Dormitabis, Jolly 3, and Bubba’s Diner! Enjoy!
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  1. mark and phone guy: i’m sexually attracted to robots

    me: stay away from my robots and my science room-

  2. Dsaf seems to be my favorite of them so far. Im on the 3rd fan game now lol

  3. Yo chica really referenced it’s always sunny 💀💀

  4. 1:15 first game TW: Jumpscares
    15:27 second game TW: strong language, s3xu@l themes
    29:40 third game TW: [slight] flashing lights, jumpscares
    46:50 forth game TW: flashing lights, jumpscares
    1:03:34 fifth game TW:

  5. Feed me pizza and call me you meme slut????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Foxy has a daddy kink I see🤣😉

  6. I’m in the bathroom and shitted myself😕

  7. I shouldnt have had my volume almost all the way up-

  8. DAYSHIFT OF FREDDY'S. Please do a full playthrough of it it's a amazing game

  9. The Nightman Cometh is a play from the show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Absolutely one of the best shows next to “The Office” (US version)

  10. Mark i would love to see more of these they are amazing can you please try project glowstick its a really cool game and if you want to learn more about it FuzionZgamer and Dawko have played it and you can find it on their channels

  11. The intro to the firts game mark pkays sounds like a collab between a linkin park and a gary neuman song.

  12. I cannot believe I got jumpscared by a printer…

  13. DEAR GOD that first jumpscare got me good lol
    I was ready for it but it was significantly more frightening then I thought it would be lol

    Like if you’re watching in 2021

  14. Marks into: EAHH
    Also marks intro :I’m S*xUaLy AtRaCtEd To RoBoTs.

  15. Okay guys, I have an idea. What if someone remade the original 3-4 fnaf games, but it’s pixelated in the fnaf 4 top down-ish style of the mini games you get between nights? Either that or in Five Nights at Candys 3’s pixelated top down style.


  17. Just some guy who was paused in naruto says:

    Chica lookin SUS

  18. Opening jumpscare made my b-hole clench :)))

  19. I think I should say that the main character of this fnaf is the same one as the detective from the slient house playthrough that mark did a while back

  20. Mark should do a dormitabis play through it’s so flipping scary

  21. The fact that I comfortably fall asleep to these and the other fnaf games baffles me😂

  22. Mark standing in front of big flashing Fredbear’s Family Diner sign: WHERE AM I?

  23. I don't want to waste your time he says literally talkin wasting our time not getting to the point

  24. Mark: this is rigoddamndiculous
    Captions: this is regarding Nicholas

  25. LOL if u rlly want smth stuipid a dare you to play fnia

  26. Mark: “ I’m braced, I’m so bra- AAAHHHHHHH…….”

  27. I miss these days when mark was playing fnaf fan games, he hasn’t even started the full release of subnautica below zero and the fnaf game is coming in December very sad :/ I might need to find a new king of fnaf soon :/

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