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30 Phobias FNAF Games Could Give You

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30 Phobias FNAF Games Could Give You
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Five Nights At Freddy’s or FNAF has a huge fan following that extends beyond just the video games themselves. There is also lots of lore, just who is the purple guy? This horror game has spawned it’s own fair share of theories about the upcoming 30 Phobias FNAF Games Could Give You! Check out the 30 Phobias FNAF Games Could Give You on Top 10 Gaming Elite!

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  1. Fear of chickens 😂 I don’t know which version of Chica is the scariest because she’s my favourite I love every version

    Ok I’m sorry I was joking lol

  3. Moonfox [Description editing in progress] says:

    3rd 4th I meant

  4. 18th comment and 201th viewer wow this is amazing

  5. I have the fear of animatronics so the fact that the main fear is animatronics is pretty bad.

  6. I have the fear of being stared at. The images shown on the fear of being watched part triggered me

  7. I have the fear of being touched by people from behind without me knowing

  8. I have a fear of hospitals earth worms and statues

  9. I have a fear of animatronics but still watching Fnaf lol 😂

  10. I have a fear of marriage because I have been in a lot rough and tough relationships in the past

  11. A fear of chickens I never heard of that is that really a phobia or is it just a regular fear I think it's not a phobia it seems now days any type of fear becomes a phobia next thing yah know thare will be a phobia of thinking it'll be called thoughtaphobai

  12. Necrophobai not to be confused with necrophilia

  13. I have a tiny bit of Scopophobia but just a tiny bit but the creepiest bit for me is when Bonnie is at the end of the hallway behind the door when I see him on the camera the Scopophobia comes active.

  14. I can’t spell genially either I use autocorrect

  15. Sister location dose not trigger a fear of clowns for me

  16. The Games withoutdoors: FNAF 3, FNAF 6

  17. Ok. But I don't think these people realise it's a horror game lol. I am scared of doors. It's just really one that move pretty fast or sliding doors or falling doors. The reason I think it works, i think it's like this for us because, we think it's not to scary if it's slower, normally we don't have windows open lol

  18. Your channel is under rated you should have more subscribers

  19. I have claustrophobia but I'm not scared because I'm sitting down on my sofa in an open space

  20. For claustrophobia it does not trigger it because I’m not the one in it

  21. Lol I love how you mentioned Supernatural hah! Best show ever!

  22. I love fnaf
    But like
    If they made a fnaf game based off bug/ insects
    I would be scared

  23. +Top 10 Gaming

    While I am no expert; as my attempt to help might I suggest that the next time you ask someone what they want to do and they say that they do not know and then proceed to reject your idea; that you then say to them something along the lines of “well that’s what I want to do so unless you can come up with something better; let’s do that“.

    As for Roxy, while I do not know exactly what it would be made of; her hair seems to flow too well and at least looks to be too soft to be made out of something like plastic; in any case though I will just say that just like with the person that they chose to play bad cop on QI; Steelwool studios attempt to villainize and demonize not only all 4 of them but especially Roxy; simply does not work:


    So in other words I personally would never be afraid of Roxy;) and honestly while the FNAF franchise may have primarily released horror themed games and while security breach certainly can have horror elements in it: everyone already knows that at the very least the 4 glamrock animatronics are helpless victims who have been infected by a computer virus and are being controlled by the actual villains of the game; everyone already knows that the Pizzaplex is an amazingly cool place that should remain standing and could maybe even be a “sandbox” for the player to play in with the animatronics; and perhaps other players; etc. and if this DLC is what it appears to be (another example of horrible horrid negative distressing destructive bullshit based upon anger and fear) then now is the time to act and I implore anyone reading this to let Steelwool studios know that they have gone too far!..and need to add AT LEAST an actual happy ending in which the animatronics are saved and the Pizzaplex is left intact…I personally will not be buying the game until they do.

    In fact I have sent Steelwool studios an email asking them to make such an ending in which nothing horrible happens to any of the animatronics; the pizzaplex is left intact; and the player frees and saves all 4 of them instead: if anyone else would like to send them an email as well all the needs to do is go to the contact section of their website.

    Here is one of the best fan videos I have ever seen depicting such an actual happy ending:


    P.S. if you or anyone ever come across someone with claustrophobia; do them a favor, don’t mention the middle seat on the Soyuz capsule!..;D

  24. i have nyctophobia but im ok with any part of fnaf that involves darkness

  25. I used to have claustrophobia but not anymore

  26. I have like maybe 75%. Arachnaphobic and music man kind of scares me but ballora’s walk is 100000000000000% creepy

  27. Jesus said, "I Am The Way , The Truth, And The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."✝️Turn to Jesus If you want to.

  28. "Decidophobia, people with decidophobia should NOT play security breach, there is 1+ decisions!"
    Sister Location where you need to decide if you should go to Baby's room or not when you're not supposed to: Am i a joke to you?

  29. I have Doraphobia, but only if that fur is on a real person, like Furries, i have phobia of Furries. But not Animatronics.

  30. I have Clourophobia and played Sister Location without problems cuz they weren´t realy clowns for me.
    The only one that creeps me out is Ennard.

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