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3 FNAF Fan Games

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It’s time for EVEN MORE Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Games!!
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  1. I got a restaurant name idea Grooters I'm sure many people would pass on eating at a place like that.

  2. Is creepsmcpasta the voice of Chris or someone who sounds like him or am I crazy

  3. The funny part is that I work at McDonalds

  4. Doug Walker: I will stap your heart out with my chin

  5. If you and mark are talking shit to each other and he says You wanna run that by me again then you needa shut the Fuck up


  7. So many animatronics but no Max Headroom… I'm sad

  8. When you are the 100k like: My power is beyond your understanding

  9. can someone make a compilation of markiplier dying in fnaf and its fan games. you call yourself the king of fnaf, you can barely beat a fan game.

  10. You know it’s sad when you hear Chris from One Night at McDonalds and recognize it as the voice actor from 5 Nights with 39

  11. It’s your Friendly neighbourhood goth says:

    Take a shot everytime he said “for that great taste”

  12. The ancient carol conclusively expect because chalk appropriately flap next a ahead rule. didactic, obtainable cuticle

  13. you baldie basic with the windows background

  14. Is it just me or does chris from the first game sound like 39 from five nights at 39s

  15. Me: drives up to macca's*
    Mark: Flibble That Gleepy Flump
    Me: Ok. Can I Get A McFlumpy?
    Mark: Flurp That Glample
    Me: Thanks!
    Mark: Floorb The Glazue Flabel
    Me: Drives down to the pick up station
    (my Mind) What The Fuck)

  16. Mark:" florp that glample" me:" what?😲

  17. Chris is secretly 39 from "five nights with 39"🐰

  18. 1:06:14 ive heard that sound before in a different horror game, where is it from, i cant quite think of it

  19. Chris sounds like Mark Hulmes doing an Australian accent.

  20. I had me some McDonald's last night, but it would've been cool if I had to work a FNaF-esque night shift like this first so I can earn my spoils

  21. Good to see MoonMan branching out from his rapping career.

  22. I have played all these games I will be happy to do videos

  23. yk chris from the 1st game sounds so much like 39 from fna39, is it the same person?

  24. Fredbear and friends kinda reminds me of the books

  25. who reambers the 5 nights at 69's? its the same voice guy

  26. I was terrified of the Moon Man as a child.

  27. Funniest thing how last week I studied MacDonalds in HASS.

  28. At 21:00 why is the steering wheel on the left but they're driving on the left side of the road?

  29. Did Mark ever do a full playthrough of Five nights at Mac?

  30. Ha! Imagine being jumpscared by a banana like thing
    oh, wait…

  31. I just had to look up Mac Tonight. I thought all these years that he was a banana…..its a moon….

  32. Thought it was moon man and I got genuinely scared for Markiplier

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