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25 FNAF Security Breach Easter Eggs

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25 Easter Eggs in FNAF SECURITY BREACH (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

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This FNAF SECURTIY BREACH Video is based around 25 Easter Eggs in Five nights at freddys Security Breach, For more FNAF SECURTIY BREACH Top 10’s subscribe.


  1. 4:20 roxy can cry before being shattered because she cant find gregory

  2. tbh. I think it’s Chica’s crying. Maybe some parts of her caring self is still there. She does not enjoy hunting down Gregory.

  3. 8:46 she’s not actually ballora though, this is a misconception

  4. Mad sceince with walter white!!!!!😮😮😮

  5. He got a youtube comment from actual youtube

  6. In montys gatter golf if u get score 1987 u get a secret cutsine

  7. The “crying kid” Easter egg is Chica crying i know it’s true! Roxanne’s crying is louder

  8. Cc on the arcade might be crying child

  9. Where does Gregory go whenever Freddie and Gregory leave the pizza plex? Because the game says Gregory's homeless, but how's gregory even made? So Gregory has to have errands. Maybe Gregory is part of the Afghan family. Make good video about that. That will catch my interest

  10. thats just Roxy crying about her eyes

  11. Fun fact: in the ruin doc you can find glamrock Bonnie's parts and you can also repair him and bring him back to life

  12. Also in the Highscore secret cc, C.C shows that Gregory must have 2 accounts and might be a robot replacement for Evan Afton who was the crying child also the victim of fredbear

  13. The crying children are the moans made by chica

  14. bruh. the crying is from chica.

  15. This is out dated? Play the ruin sb dlc for THE TRUTH!

  16. Maybe this guy is German “ Legofide” because that’s not English

  17. And bonnie has his own Bonnie bowl to remember the goat and the best person from the 5 dead kids and he’s pastel blue, a bit of purple and baby blue

  18. The crys are from shattered chica because she lost her voice

  19. Actually, no, Bonnie did actually used to be on the band because in Bend DOC if he does a circle of staff box and you turn off and kill Roso stuff spots, the Bonnie will appear and you’ll see the ruined body and Monty is actually the one that killed Bonnie

  20. When I started a new game, heard children crying before stealing roxys eyes. It was really creepy like you mentioned.

  21. FB on the balloon boy console could be Freddy and Bonnie
    GJ = Gregory
    VL = Vanny
    FS = Fazbear staff
    RK = Burntrap?
    RY (Ruined young) is the missing kids that william afton (burntrap) killed

  22. Just throwing my thoughts out here, the part where the sticky notes say “hi” and “why is I?” Remind me of Charlie’s robots in the twisted ones. Probably just a coincidence.

  23. In the daycare when Sun thinks your not looking sun tries to take his head off references to the game toons animation and thinks that his head from the animation

  24. Also when you walk into bricks suns head appears without the spikes

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