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18 Video Games That ROAST You For Sucking

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18 Video Games That ROAST You For Sucking

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  1. Fun fact: in fnf indie cross when you hit san in firts song there you gonna be in bad ending and when you lost he said the same things in game

  2. Madness project nexus roasts you whenever you pause the game

  3. What I see this as: games I should never play or use to introduce someone to gaming.

  4. There’s also a secret in the popular Roblox game called “hours” where if you go to weeks the description says
    “Dumb baby mode
    For weeklings-“

  5. I don’t see any spider-man in here from the thumbnail 😂

  6. I’ve played the Batman Arkham games it was pretty funny actually but sometimes when you constantly die and can’t get past one point it’s pretty frustrating

  7. Also, the DeadPool 2 game has literally baby mode and when i was young, my brother used to mock me with that mode 💀

  8. NEXT video: 18 video games that ROAST you for existing!

  9. I completed Spiderman today on hardest difficulty

  10. I really like the fact you get straight to the point, no sellout shit, no asking for likes or subs.

    Pure wholesome shit

    Earned a sub and like.

  11. Another game I found was called Will You Snail

  12. Can you at least like give a flash warning or something?! Jesus Christ.

  13. Another one which most players go through is in cuphead
    If you beat a boss on simple then you don’t get a soul contract meaning you can’t fight the final boss so you have to do even the really painful bosses on regular+ which increases the stages and attacks making low skilled players quit easily

    Not sure if this is really a roast but it kind of teases you for not being good at a boss battle meaning you have to do it on a harder mode

  14. In roblox hours there’s a modes called weeks and the description is: cringe baby mode. For weeklings

  15. There’s one in the spider man 2 in the first training you need to beat one enemy but if u suck dis will happen The game guy said dis: ok u just lose to the weakest enemy in the entire game 😂😅😂😅

  16. Is there something like the opposite from this in a video of TSG?
    Get rewarded for playing the hardest difficulty for example?

  17. Congratulations on a great video! 😛 I know where you can get more than 84 free spins.Best choice.Thanks for the content. Great video! Its fun to watch. Good job.

  18. So they make fun of you for wanting to enjoy the story

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    ILets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos 🚀 🚀

  20. This is literally one of the worst channels I’ve ever seen. You can’t even watch a minute in any of there videos without cringing. It’s just one of those run of the mill shitty clickbait gaming channels

  21. I mean, sometimes I wanna feel like a superhero.

  22. Dude I WANT to be running around as a chicken

  23. Thats why you take genocide route on undertale. He will knee for you

  24. "18 video games that roast you for sucking "


    sucking what?

  25. Number 7, I do know a guy who literally can't play games unless its on controller with his feet and the weird thing is he is good

  26. imagine having skill issue and the game it self tells you that you have skill issue💀

  27. Dang I had no idea that undertale had been out for 20 year!

  28. Have to run around as a chicken? More like get to run around as a chicken

  29. Devs: "How dare you not be an expert at my game upon release"

  30. I actually hate this because new people play easy mode = most people leave the game and don’t buy it anyways

  31. original crash bandicoot going to the corner no one will hurt you,but on the crash bandicoot remake and then going to the corner with the audience throwing cheese at you?that makes players even more pissed. PewDiePie on playing the game where he's stuck at the pig ride always caught in the swinging log spikes died many times and then they added this?that makes the players even more pissed.

  32. 18 video games that roast you for sucking

    on what

  33. Why does everyone hate easy mode? Is it so bad that after a long day I just wanna be the bully and not get bullied? Real life kicks me while I'm down, why does my entertainment need to do it too?

  34. Dark Souls isn't hard. How long is this stupid meme gonna last?!

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