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1 Billion Bears VS Every FNAF Animatronic

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Today I answer the age old question. Who would win? 1 billion bears, or every FNAF animatronic ever made.

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Outro Music: Title Theme – Obliteracers

0:00 – Intro
5:57 – DJ Music Man
7:03 – Nightmare
8:31 – Game Logic
9:34 – XOR
10:42 – The Agony
11:54 – Sea Bonnies
13:25 – FNAF World
14:44 – Chica’s Magic Rainbow
15:22 – The Truth
16:22 -The End! (See You Next Year!!)

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  1. what about jack'o'chica, they touch her and they die instantly?

  2. Nightmare could easily kill all 1 billion bears by crashing their game. Though it might be a difficult because bears can be decently fast and Nightmare could struggle catching up to them.

  3. Acept Golden freddy his Actully physical and he was fredbear

  4. I'm arguing because it's funny Bears win🤣🤣🤣

  5. It’s not directly a monitor that you need to get rid of them with it’s just by not looking at them so the Bears could just look the other way 8:55

  6. kodiak and polar bears are stronger so strongest bears vs strongest fnaf bear things is better

  7. unfortunately, Security Breach confirms that bears are extinct in the FNAF universe, so sad.

  8. bears would win easily this is 1 billion were talking about
    bears could kill shadow bonnie and golden freddy
    bears could kill xor
    bears could kill minireenas
    bears pour sea bonnies on the floor and piss in water supply and you would probably need to purify the water right before putting them in the supply of water / ocean in the first place
    bears use bear ladder to kill magic rainbow and chew out her eyes even then if it was a standard fnaf world battle the bears would win by a landslide before she could charge up her laser
    bears go to bear therapy or just sleep to kill phantoms
    BEARS WIN!!!

  9. those cogwheel mice things from fnaf world solo

  10. If we talk about fnaf world characters at their peak then animdude and adventure nightmarionette would 4th wall all of them and insta kill every bear also adventure rxq funtime foxy and coffee who all have gift boxes meaning none of the animatronics can die

  11. I honestly think that glitch trap would really help.

  12. When Michael Afton goes against all the lions 😂When the doom music kicks in

  13. I refuse to believe that people think a bunch of bears can beat a fucking rainbow that can shoot lazers and a giant metal beaver that can shoot sawblades.

    This also goes for the 1 mil lions vs every mon, it doesnt matter if most of them get wiped out, the most powerful mon, or in this case FNAF characters, obliterate them.

  14. Michael would obviously win against 1000,000,000 lions because “ I always come back”

  15. I think that the animatronics would win

    probably because all bears are extinct in the FNAF universe lol

  16. MiChaL afTon Can BeaT 1 BilLiOn lIoNs aNywAy ☠☠☠

  17. 7:04 Wait…Blob? „The“ Blob could take out all of them. Hes neither living or dead. He is neither working or stopping. He is

  18. Micheal would solo all those lions, because it was never unconfirmed that Michael didn’t own a tank.

  19. The nightmares will be very good and plus springtrap would eazy destroy them bc he never dies

  20. Well what if we put every fnaf character vs one billion of every single snaiad and phatanum b life form with the alien wild life at max potential

  21. Bears are not cannibles . That’s bean disproven

  22. The Mighty Gatekeeper Defender of the Realms. says:

    The bears when they realize the Freddy mask doesn’t work on withered foxy

  23. every yokai / Japanese mythology vs every fnaf character

  24. um nightmares can't kill unless they give you a heart attack

  25. Animatronics solo, hell the Tangle could beet 1 billion bears

  26. in my own hypothetical FNAF war scenario I would put every fnaf animatronic (which I should tell you that I'm only including animatronics or creatures that resemble animatronics. Everyone else will be excluded from this battle) vs 20 daleks from doctor who. "but I haven't seen doctor who" you say and in that case then don't worry as i'll will fill you in on the daleks I will be including and their capability's.

    now on the surface judging by what the daleks do and how in the doctor who series it may seem obvious who is going to win. But for this hypothetical battle like the video will have every animatronic at their peek power level + every designated power, perk, and capability the animatronics have in fnaf world which means for example that freddy will not only be possessed but will also have the pizza wheel and mic toss attack from fnaf world regardless on if you hate or love fnaf world.

    Another important aspect I will throw in is that the physics in fnaf world will also be included in this fight which means that the pizza wheel despite being just pizza will be able to damage the daleks. This is due to making it fair for the animatronics to have somewhat equal power level to the daleks making it less obvious on who the clear winner will be.

    You might be also thinking "20 daleks? that's not much" well the reason for that is because if I were to put an equal amount of daleks against every animatronic then the daleks would easily win since according the series 1 dalek ship or UFO filled with daleks is enough to destroy a whole planet. So i will keep the amount of daleks 20 and outnumbered by the animatronics due to how powerful a large certain amount is.

    And last thing i should mention for both teams is that the fight will occur on a completely blank and open planet with flattened terrain and no objects or obstacles nor plant life, both teams will start out 10 feet away from each other, daleks wont be able to use emergency temporal shift which allows them to teleport through space and time, non physical/un-real animatronics like the phantoms and nightmares will be made physical for the sake of the fight, there wont be any outside help, all daleks being soldier daleks (except for the special weapons dalek ill explain in a sec) will only have to go off their primary instinct and objective to destroy, and lastly one of the daleks will be a special weapons dalek which is basically unlike other normal daleks this one has a giant cannon mounted on the front which shoots a giant laser compared to basic daleks.

    With all that said and rules being set who do you think would win?

  27. It's not fair you literally included ghost how are they meant to do anything

  28. I don’t think that shadow Bonnie and golden Freddie will kill their own teammates as it’s looks like they only effect who they want with their supernatural abilities

  29. If the bears have no doors they are doomed against nightmares and the original

  30. The blob could prob reck the most but not all ofc

  31. 1 single bear could probably take off all the cast from fnaf 1 and 2, 1 Billion is simply too much to compare with almost anything

  32. If they were polar bears, the animatronics would be dead

  33. the dead bears would just possess the fallen animatronics and continue the fight indefinitely

  34. the bears bite force would do more damage then there swing force

  35. Spring trap woud beat the fugee outa them and reamember "i allways come back"

  36. I misspoke at 3:38, I meant to say 2,133,600,000. Anyway, hope you all have a happy new year!!

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